Grand Prix of Long Beach

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    Looking forward to this weekend’s racing both in IndyCar and F1.
    (With some footage of Barber…)



    F1 is much more interesting tha Indycar imo :)



    @zodman LOL!!!



    If you watch the highlights from the I think it was race in Alabama? The action on track is actually way better than F1 so far this season! The cars also sound pretty good, I just can;t get past their looks.


    Keith Collantine

    Long Beach is a belting circuit, one of the proper street tracks, really looking forward to this one. Last year’s race was excellent.


    Craig Woollard

    I agree. Last year’s race was an absolute stormer! I’m really looking forward to this one! Can’t help but think F1 could still be at Long Beach though…



    Qualification is over & Franchitti is on pole..great to see him back on top..:)
    Dixon & Andretti are the big losers..starting way down the order..
    looking forward to the race now..gonna be a fascinating one!



    Yah watched the quali today on a big screen and cranked up the volume. man, these cars sound great! I hope F1 next year sound at least as near or better than these.

    always interesting to compare U.S. or stateside commentary to U.K.
    one thing that always stands out and i remember david hobbs always getting on it is when somebody gets a bit sideways and all crossed up, the u.s. broadcasters always say Yah, look at that, with approval, (like I always do myself!) and the UK broadcasters ALWAYS ALWAYS go tisk tisk, that is not the quickest way around. What’s up with that? Some cultural English always criticizing type thing. Yes yes we know, sideways is not going to earn you lap records, but it looks great and is exciting and can show how good a driver can control his car.

    Noticed the Long Beach layout has changed a little since I last watched which has been ages. When did that steep downhill right and left section go away? Quite miss that bit. (might have been left and right, just remember a real quick downhill section)



    My word, Takuma Sato won something!


    Keith Collantine

    Great to see Sato finally get a win! His first since the 2001 Macau Grand Prix.

    On F1 Fanatic Live we were wondering if this was the first win for a Japanese driver in IndyCar, including its various related formulae?

    A bit of a crazy race otherwise, Hinchcliffe and Hunter-Reay eliminated themselves in rather foolish crashes and Power had another dollop of misfortune.


    Keith Collantine

    Oh and a word for another ex-F1 driver, great performance by Wilson to get on the podium from the back of the grid.


    Antonio Nartea

    On F1 Fanatic Live we were wondering if this was the first win for a Japanese driver in IndyCar, including its various related formulae?

    @keithcollantine: Did a bit of late-night research and Sato appears indeed to be the first japanese driver to ever win an IndyCar race (including its other various formats AAA, USAC, CART and ChampCar).
    The closest a japanese fella has ever come to winning an open-wheel american race was through Hideki Mutoh (2nd in 2008, 3rd in 2009 – both on Iowa Speedway) and Kosuke Matsuura (4th in 2004 on Kentucky Speedway, 4th in 2007 on Michigan International Speedway).

    Sato also has two other IndyCar podiums and three other top-five finishes under his belt, which pretty much make him the most successful japanese driver to ever race in IndyCar.

    Hideki Mutoh also won two races, scored an extra five podium finishes and ended up second in the final standings of the 2007 Indy Pro Series (Indy Lights) season.

    Sato became the first japanese driver to ever win a street-course IndyCar or Indy Lights race. His other two podiums were also achieved on road-courses.

    And even more team-related facts:
    – Sato’s win ended an 11 years drought for A.J. Foyt Enterprises.
    – The last driver to win a race for them was Airton Dare in 2002.
    – It’s only the team’s 8th win in its 34-years history of participations in CART or IndyCar sanctioned events.
    – Sato became the 5th driver to ever win a race for them (after Scott Sharp, Kenny Brack, Billy Boat and, of course, Airton Dare). Out of the team’s four past winners, two went on and became Indy Racing League champions (Sharp and Brack, in 1996 and 1998 respectively). Both won their titles while still driving for Foyt.
    – All of A.J. Foyt Enterprises’ other 7 wins came on ovals (including the team’s only Indy 500 win through Kenny Brack in 1999).



    Great race..good to see Takuma winning!





    Keith Collantine

    @tony031r Thanks for that! Bet Honda loved having a Japanese winner in a race sponsored by Toyota…

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