IndyCar gets second Texas race in 2013 – but not at COTA…

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    Keith Collantine

    IndyCar will return to the Houston street circuit in Texas in 2013.

    The Reliant Park circuit will be used again, it was previously visited by Champ Car:

    However I can’t help but wonder with two Texas races on the calendar next year there’s not much chance of a third at the Circuit of the Americas.

    (That may be the case already – who knows what restrictions, official or unofficial, there may be on non-F1 open-wheelers racing there as long as it has a Grand Prix.)

    Also it’s yet another street circuit on a calendar that’s already got rather a lot of them.

    But Houston is a huge city and a good place for IndyCar to be.

    Here’s Champ Car’s last race at Houston in 2007:



    I quite liked the 2006 race, when it was run at night.



    I’m pretty sure that F1 Venues are limited to 3 or 4 non-F1 races per year. The Circuit of the Americas already has Moto GP and V8 Supercars visiting as well so I’m not sure how open they are to bringing in IndyCar.



    So will COTA be another F1 track that gets used for F1 only and is empty and useless for the rest of the year?



    According to this article COTA did contact IndyCar to see what could be done. But I agree that the calendar is getting a bit full of Texas.

    @tommyb89 at least they will be having the V8s and if they don’t manage to lose the contract with Dorna, they will have MotoGP visiting as well. Should be adding a bit of endurance racing as well, I hope.


    Joel Holland

    The line Curt Cavin always throws is that COTA ‘will be a fantastic IndyCar facility in five years, once Bernie’s pulled F1.’ Certainly a possibility.



    Love seeing those Champ Cars!

    I think Houston could generate some good racing with the proper layout modifications.


    Prisoner Monkeys

    The problem with Reliant Park is that it isn’t a very good circuit.



    They seem to be redoing the layout of the Houston track to provide better racing. Cotman’s group should be doing it who did Sao Paulo, Edmonton, and will be doing the new China circuit I think.

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