Power and Franchitti on row nine at Las Vegas

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    Keith Collantine

    Looks like being an exciting championship finale at Las Vegas – Dario Franchitti and Will Power are starting 17th and 18th:

    Tony Kanaan’s on pole position and of course Dan Wheldon will start 34th and last.

    We’ll be following the race on F1 Fanatic Live:


    Adam Tate

    I am glad to see it getting live coverage Keith, with the title rivals starting alongside one another it will really be up for grabs. My instinct says to bet on Dario due to his slight edge in oval performance, but I know Power will hurl everything he has at finally putting one over on him.

    It’s also great to see TK back on pole again!!

    What do you think of next year’s Dallara chasis and 2013 bodykits? I find it interesting and significant that both F1 and American open wheelers are having major regulations shake ups and a switch to turbo engines in the near future. Maybe an issue to explore in a future article?



    Oh. this is going be good



    Will hopefully be joining in, or if not will be watching it on’t telly-box anyway. Should be a cracking finish :)



    I saw this news coming up in the morning. Really nice. Kanaan up front is nice, having both Power and Franchitti in the mid field even better, and superb they are there together. Yes this has all cards mixed to give a great season finale!


    Prisoner Monkeys

    I think the title is pretty much Franchitti’s. Power needs something like twenty-five points jsut to draw level with him, and Franchitti is much stronger on ovals than Power is.

    I’m not too bothered by this. I thik think Will Power is a very llikeable character. He’s like Casey Stoner.



    It’ll only take one difference in strategy to send Power to the front and Dario to the back. Expect chip to cover whatever Penske do.


    Prisoner Monkeys

    Indeed – but with Franchitti having the advantage, all Ganassi have to do is mirror Penske’s pit strategy, and Will Power will be Powerless (ba-dum-tish!).

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