Should Dario be worried?

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    He says he’s not, but maybe he should be. It’s Will’s year IMHO.


    Keith Collantine

    If Power hadn’t ended up on the wrong strategy in Miami we’d be talking about his dominant start to the season with three wins on the trot.

    Franchitti, meanwhile, is already 75 points behind in the championship. And it’s not like the situation last year where he has lots of oval rounds to look forward too – there’s many more road and street courses where Power tends to thrive.

    Franchitti not only needs to get on top of his own problems with the car, he needs Honda to reduce the gap to Chevrolet. Even just three races in it’s looking like a big ask.

    But I don’t think Power’s going to have it all his own way. There’s a lot of talent with good equipment this year, and not just within his own team – Pagenaud and Hinchcliffe have looked good too.



    I think his chances are over already for 4 reasons

    1 – The Honda engines are not on the pace of the Chevrolets.
    2 – Ganassi are not on the pace of the Penskie, mostly because of reason 1 i assume
    3 – Dario hates the new overtaking rules, Basically you can fight for position before blocking was banned, Struggled this week with it.
    4 – Dario is clearly not happy with the nw car, even his teamates have been close to him this season.

    Great point about the amount of ovals too. That was what swung the titles Dario’s way in the last 2 seasons, and the quality of the drivers going up this year with Pagenaud there all season, Hinchcliff lookes right at home in the GoDaddy car and the strongest challange to Penske and of course Rubins when he gets onto of the strategy you’d expect him to be right up there.

    Dont see Dario being anywhere in the title race and so far its looking good for Power to walk away with this one at the moment. Biggest threat to him is how the Andretti cars go on the ovals but think Dario’s done till he’s on top of the car and Honda get there turbo and engine up to speed.



    Pagenaud and Hinchcliffe have looked very good! I think Ryan Hunter-Reay is going to have a good year too.
    Rubens in 9th place is somewhat surprising. He has performed much better during the races than his poor qualifying efforts. It will be interesting to see how he does in Sau Paulo at the end of the month.

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