Any Kart Racers on F1F?

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    I’m sure we have some karters on here, and I wanted to ask you guys a few questions. It’ll be like a Karting Info questionnaire, Just fill in the blanks. I’ll do mine:

    When did you start Karting? Late 2010, about October
    How old are you? 14 (Birthday November 21, so almost 15 :)
    Where do you Race? I raced at three tracks so far, PBIR, Homestead, Miller Motorsports Park
    What Chassis do you use? CRG Black Star
    What Engine do you use? Rotax Jr./Sr. (Rebuilt by Legree)
    Sponsors? My dads architecture company, and…. yeah thats it
    Your best finish? 1st at local race in Palm Beach (Mixed Class Race, won overall in a Jr.)
    What are your future plans? We have a Porsche 944 Cup car that I will race next year, and after that I’m hoping to get into some kind of open wheeled racing, like Indy.

    Thats it, If you want to share anymore info, go ahead.



    When did you start: I started last year
    Age: 16
    Where did you race: So far i have only raced on the local track
    Chassis and Engine: I am not sure about the whole kart specs but its 10hp, very slow. But soon they might let me try the 12-14 hp karts.
    Sponsors: As for sponsors like Polishboy i might use a relative’s company.
    Best finish: First, no junior or senior classes, they were all seniors. :)
    Future plans: win the MEKC (Middle Eastern Karting Cup)


    Oli Peacock

    When did you start Karting? September 2009
    How old are you? 13 (14 in December)
    Where do you Race? Rouge Racing and MK Daytona(Local Tracks) and Whilton Mill
    What Chassis do you use? Gillard
    What Engine do you use? Rotax Jr Tuned by Ogden
    Sponsors? Bank of M and D LOL
    Your best finish? Many 1st place’s at Rouge Racing and MK Daytona, Top 10’s at Whilton Mill
    What are your future plans? Win the WMKCC (Whilton Mill Kart Club Championship)then go to Ginetta Juniors, then hopefully Formula Renault. If all else fails i’ll just go into race car engineering


    Joel Holland

    I’ve been racing karts since 1997. You guys make me feel old.


    When did you start Karting? June 1997
    How old are you? 24
    Where do you Race? (I have stopped racing now but…) Shenington, Rissington, Whilton Mill and all Super1 tracks.
    What Chassis do you use? Wright
    What Engine do you use? TKM
    Sponsors? Dad!
    Your best finish? 1st Rissington club level (many top 3s at club events). 3rd TKM 0 Plate 2002


    Grant Bigham

    When did you start Karting? March 2006 (Stopped Sept 2008 to go uni)
    How old are you? 21
    Where do you Race? Whilton Mill, GYG, 3 Sisters, Hooton Park
    What Chassis do you use? Venom Sidewinder
    What Engine do you use? TKM
    Sponsors? My Dad’s company
    Your best finish? Overall in race meetings….couple of 1st’s in Jr & Inters & 2nd in Seniors
    What are your future plans? Want to start racing again but have to see when I finish uni next year


    Oli Peacock

    @jamie Franklin

    When did you stop karting?



    I’ve always wanted to do championship kart but i’ve never had the money :(
    but thats about to change :) , anyway maybe we should think about arranging a race somewhere and see whos the best

    btw best result in a kart race: 1st at local track against pro karter, last race 34th in the daytona 24 hours


    Alianora La Canta

    When did you start Karting? Second week of January in 2009. I organised a karting competition with some fellow bloggers in Birmingham. It was so cold the heater froze. Came 7th… …out of 7.
    How old are you? Mid-20s
    Where do you Race? My bases are the Kurburgring in Sutton-in-Ashfield (11th fastest woman at the moment) and Elk Racing at Newark. I’ve raced at Teamworks in Birmingham and driven at Amen Corner.
    What Chassis do you use? Whatever’s at the track – I’m very much an arrive-and-drive racer.
    What Engine do you use? Ditto.
    Sponsors? None
    Your best finish? 7th. Out of 7. (I’ve also managed 22nd… …out of 22).
    What are your future plans? Get more practise in, and set up some more blogger karting races when the economy picks up.


    Oli Peacock

    @f199player great idea, but its a case of where? i was up for the MK 24hours nut to young so it would have to be an arrive and drive TBH




    I don’t mind where, any place is good



    My brother races, and he’s a cadet, so I thought I’d give it a go too considering we’d be at the track every meeting, and my friend from school is Welsh Champion of the class.

    When did you start Karting? March 2011
    How old are you? 18
    Where do you Race? Llandow Kart Club, Dunkeswell Kart Club.
    What Chassis do you use? 7Kart MKII
    What Engine do you use? Pair of Honda GX160’s ;)
    Sponsors? Sponsors karting in the UK? Its unusual to find a sponsor that isn’t a family deal!
    Your best finish? 3rd in a 4 hour race, could have done better but we entered for fun and did an extra stop, at Sprint racing my best is 4th.
    What are your future plans? Haven’t got any! I’m only doing it for a bit of fun!



    Ok, I will start to participate in some Pro-Kart races. But the races are waaayyy too expensive, and so far in 2011 only two or three races have been done.



    Hello there.
    Want to start but don’t know really where to start.



    Well first off, where are you from? How old are you and what exactly are you looking to get into? Theres a lot of different classes and many different engines, many of them being age specific. Also, every country has its own series, some have a bigger attendance than others. I’ll be glad to help you out!

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