Any Kart Racers on F1F?

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    @polishboy808 Thanks.
    Well I’m 17 and live in east sussex in t the south east of england. I’m not sure what you mean by ‘trying to get into’ and I have no prior knowledge of karts. :)


    Oli Peacock


    Hi Pope, its great to see new guys get into Karting!
    By your previous post, I’m guessing you have never driven a kart, Right? Then i would suggest trying out some arrive and drive session at your local kart track as it always good to try walking before running :) I would also suggest driving down to RYE HOUSE which is a MSA recognised circuit where competitive racing is held to get an idea of the speeds, most A&D karts to 30-40mph where, if you were to get your own kart, a Senior Rotax could do 80mph. Most importantly though you must be finacialy prepared as some guys can spend up to £10,000 per year to find the ultimate pace, although me and my dad go well on pennies :P

    I guess if you were to take any thing form my post it would be that you must be committed as it will be a big price to pay for something you don’t like.

    If you any help just PM me, but I’m sure @polishboy808 can help just as well!



    Being in the US, I can’t help you much with series anywhere else, but I can help with engines! Currently I run a Rotax Sr. Engine, one of the most competative engines in just about any class. I know that Rotax have their own series in many countries, but if not, this engine has a lot of torque (Good out of corners), while not losing to much in the top end (Top Speed). There are other engines too (IAME Parilla is another competative engine, however it is very different from the rotax; high-revving-top-speed engines with relatively weak bottom end rev range, good on high speed tracks). And if you want to get into it even more proffesionally, Rotax has a very well structured system of championships, which makes it easy to compete in.

    Hope you get into it, Karting is one of the funnest things with four wheels, while still not being incredibly expensive. That being said, if you want to be competative, be prepared to spend some money. Here in the US, some well funded drivers spend upwards of 100,000$; some spend much more. Of course, that doesn’t mean its imposible to be fast while not spending that much, but those drivers have a bit of an advantage due to the almost limitless resources….



    Thanks for the replies. I’m not so well funded at the moment but will hopefully have a bit more to spend soon. When I said south east I am right on the south coast in Hastings so Rye House is still a few hours drive. I’m going to have a look for something local. If I do enjoy it (Which I am sure I will) and want to take it up does anyone have a recommendation for a starters kart? Not too pricey but not too slow either. :) Thanks guys.



    Well as people have said try a few arrive and drive karts. Buckmore Park is near Maidstone and thats a decent track, or you can go for Sandown Park in Surrey (a Daytona track but you can also pay a bit extra and use their d-max karts which are essentially rotaxes beefed up for arrive and drivers).

    Edit: Oh and if you are looking at buying, I’ve heard good things about easykart, it never adds up to that much because the restricions force you to stay with the same engine and chassis unless you have actual problems (unlike rotax which was supposed to work out that way but has ended up with people just spending more for the best bits).



    You are quite lucky in Hastings, you have a couple of tracks in Brighton, couple near Eastbourne, smaller one in Tonbridge and of course Maidstone and Sandown



    Thanks for info Sam I will look into going to one soon. Do you have one you could say is the best?

    Good to know @skett hopefully will get a kart soonish.



    Hello F1Fanatics!

    I just thought I’d give this group a bump as I just found a local karting school. I have just registered at http://www.goodwoodkartways.com/index.htm which is near Toronto, Ontario, Canada. It begins in the end of March and I’m quite excited. It is a bit pricey but it’s something I’ve really wanted to do. Anybody got tips or have an experience they want to share about karting?



    There’s someone here with the same name as me O_O



    I might be testing a kart soon. I hope I do, because I find karting extremely fun.

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