Popular Karting Circuits around London? + Favourite Circuits + Launch

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    Younger Hamii

    Firstly,Thanks Keith for launching this new groups,Hopefully we find a wide range of F1Fanatics who enjoy Go Karting as a hobbie & a Competitive sport.

    So I live in London & Im not the one thats looking for circuits outer London such as Sandown Park,Buckmore Park & Milton Keynes(lovely & challenging tracks by the way).

    As for London however,I’ve been to a local one(which is approximately 600metres) several times & now im getting tired of the same old track,Outperforming my competitors there,Now i want a new challenge,You know step up my game.

    So does anyone know any Outdoor & Indoor Karting Circuits in London that are longer than 600metres & it would be great if you can leave your favourite Karting circuits & reasons why.


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