R.I.P. Ramiro Tot, 2000-2011

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    After Wheldon and Simoncelli, this Sunday there was a crash in a karting race that killed an Argentinean karter Ramiro Tot, only 11 years old.

    I doubt any of us heard about him before and we probably never would, but it’s a massive tragedy. Rest in peace, Ramiro.


    Younger Hamii

    I was wondering who that person was the other day,when someone(dunno if it was you) on Twitter mentioned him,Another tragic death in the hands of the dangers of Motorsport just like every other fatality.

    Someone on one of my Articles related to DW & MS said that they normally come in Three-somes,Unfortunately this happened,So young as well

    R.I.P Ramiro Tot



    It’s as though a hand pressed on my heart every time I’ve heard about a motorsports death. And this year, it has been too much already.

    As I said on Twitter, I lit a candle on my worn down marble fireplace mantle for each of these three recent losses in the beautiful but sometimes unforgiving world of motorsports. I lit another one to symbolise the hope for a better and happier future.

    You overcame fear, but you couldn’t conquer danger. Rest in peace Dan, Marco, and little Ramiro.



    RIP Ramiro



    Oh my god, i get increasingly nervous when I think about starting karting. RIP Ramiro



    I can’t dwell on him as I did with Sic, but may he R.I.P.



    RIP Ramiro,very sad weekends for Motorracing,I hope he is the last one we don’t see any more death between now & end of the year.

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