Who is at fault in this

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    I’m the driver with the Camera at Whilton Mill. In the clip starting at 0:45 who is the one at fault.


    Some people at work says its my fault, others say his.

    You be the Steward.



    Well, it was your fault in many of the situations, and no body was at fault at :45, he had no control of the kart really amd you tried an oppurtunistic pass. However, one suggestion, Keep your hands on the wheel! When we race and you move your hands to much the stewards can actually have a problem with you for unsafe driving. You could also save a few of those moments if you try, the grass shouldnt immediatly beach you.



    I don’t kart, but in general racing terms:
    1) seems like an unfair pass
    2) you left room on the inside, he seems to get it slowed down so he didn’t exactly barge you off the road, maybe you just turned in on him.
    3) Looks like he ran you excessively wide, maybe he could have taken a tighter and fairer line.

    2) and 3) are hard to judge without their onboards. And I agree about taking your hands off the wheel, compounding the running wide.



    @polishboy808 the grass at Whilton Mill is a bit dodgy it took two of us to push it out with a lot of effort.



    The first one at 0:32 is a typical Hamilton vs Massa :D
    The second one is like Coronel vs Mchelisz 2012 HUN R2, the difference is, Coronel can drive, and these kind of kisses are overlooked in WTCC. Its as @polishboy808 says, he had no control, but that is clearly not your fault.



    Race 2 – He passed you under yellow flags. Pretty clear-cut there. It was his fault.
    Race 3 – The incident at 0:32 was 100% your fault. Sorry, but you turned in way too early. You should’ve given him some room when he was clearly going to pass you. Looks like a Schumacher-Villeneuve Jerez 1997 incident to me.
    Final – The first accident was unavoidable. He unintentionally lost control of his kart when he ran wide and skid across the track. You were just at the wrong place at the wrong time, being a bit too opportunistic.
    The one at 1:07 was completely his fault. He literally rammed you off the road there and left no room. Not much you could do there. I understand your frustration at the end of the video. You seem to be involved in a lot of incidents. :P


    Carlos Fonseca

    My take is that the first accident (race 3) was totally your fault, really. The guy had your inside and I believe it was so fast that you didn’t notice until you were already too committed to take the corner as if he was not there. Lack of perception, I would say.

    As for the second accident (in the final), at the end of the day is what is called “a racing incident”, but your opponent surely should have been more polite and kept room enough for you to take the corner side-by-side with you, and let it be decided either at the following straight or on the upcoming corner after that.

    That’s my view. Cheers, Carlos

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