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Andrea Antonelli killed in World Supersport race

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    I’m sad to report motorcyclist Andrea Antonelli has been killed on the first lap of a World Supersport motorcycle race in Moscow. In the pouring rain, the Italian driver fell off his bike on the straight and due to the spray, Lorenzo Zanetti was too late to avoid hitting the driver.

    During today’s FIM World Supersport race, at 1.32pm Italian rider Andrea Antonelli (Team Goeleven Kawasaki) suffered a serious accident on the straight between Turn 14 and Turn 15 wherein he sustained critical injuries.

    The race was stopped with the red flag and the rider was immediately taken to an ambulance where the medical staff worked to resuscitate him.

    Despite their efforts, Andrea sadly succumbed to his injuries at 2.10pm local time.

    FIM, Dorna and YMS Promotion decided to cancel all activities scheduled for the rest of the day.

    Everyone involved in motorcycle championships extends its deepest condolences to Andrea’s family, friends, team and Italian Federation at this tragic loss.

    Link to WSBK/WSS website



    RIP. Interesting that when there have been fatalities in bike races, the days events are called off, never seems to be the case in autos.



    Rest in peace.


    Oli Peacock


    Not always, in 2010 Shoya Tomizawa was killed in a Moto2 race which was before the MotoGP race which was continued



    Ahh, your right.



    The reason the races were cancelled were because the conditions were absolutely appalling, as well as being a mark of respect. It was really bad wet weather where the riders in the first superbike race were struggling to stay on track even on a full wet tyre. Some riders were saying it was dangerous, the organisers ignored them and the cost has tragically been a young man’s life.

    Also I don’t think Tomizawa was confirmed as dead until after the Moto GP race had started; he was pronounced dead at 14:20 local time. The Moto GP race starts at 14:00 in Misano. All anyone knew before the start of the race was that he had had a terrible accident and it didn’t look good.



    R.I.P. Saw some footage of the crash, absolutely appalling..


    Max Jacobson

    The death of an Italian bike driver having been killed after falling off his motorcycle and consequently being run over has a chilling familiarity to it…




    @Abdurahman @olliekart Even the Moto2 race was then continued, with doctors attending the rider, and the Moto2 bikes still going by a speed.



    Tragic, R.I.P. !

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