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Explain Moto GP to me

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    Theo Parkinson

    I have a growing interest in the sport and it seems like a series I’d really like to get into. I’d greatly appreciate it if someone could give me a basic rundown of the sport, the rules, the history and the drivers. I’m guessing my idea of ‘F1 with motocycles’ isn’t correct so any information for a new fan would be useful. Thank you for reading.


    David Not Coulthard

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  • The 3 classes (2 Junior races+ MotoGP) occupy the same time slot. In that 1 time slot, Moto3 will be shown, then Moto2, then MotoGP.
  • The races are shorter (though on Sunday you get 3 races from 3 different classes so it’s not too bad a thing)
  • Races are run without pitstops (you can choose soft/hard tyres, but they’re run for the whole race. No “use both coumpounds” rule), apart from changing from rain tyres to dry or vice versa, in which case riders change bikes, not tyres.
  • I think the qualy sessions isn’t a Q1, Q2, Q3 thing (if memory serves me it’s a 1 hour non-stop session)
  • The points system is different
  • It’s OK to have all wheels outside the white line.
  • It is unto FIM what F1 is unto FIA, I think.
  • Barry Sheene was World Champion in James Hunt’s championship year.


David said it pretty much all, but now the quali is a bit different, and a bit more complicated. The ten fastest riders from the mixed classification of FP1,2,3 go straight to Q2, while the others participate in Q1, with the two fastest from there going to Q2. Races last around 45 minutes and tyres last the whole distance.

This year there is also an OPEN category, whose bikes are a bit different than the factory ones, but are on the pace.

Basically MotoGP is the championship to follow these years, so have fun watching!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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