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Simoncelli was dropped by marshals after crash

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    Keith Collantine

    Questions must surely be asked about the standard of care Marco Simoncelli received following his fatal Moto GP crash after a video shot by a fan showed he was dropped by the marshals who were recovering him.

    The video is linked below if you wish to see what happened – I’ve not embedded it as it is obviously quite distressing.

    I can only hope this didn’t contribute to his injuries but surely this needs to be looked at by those in charge.



    Oh god…



    The marshals I imagine will take a lot of stick for dropping Simoncelli. They must feel awful about what happened, there’s a lot of pressure on them to get the injured pilot to the emergency vehicle, it must feel horrible when you make such a mistake.


    Isn’t that exactly what happened with Kato back in 2003? Pretty shocking.

    The most horrendous thing about that footage is the man in the Gresini team shirt who arrives at the scene on the moped. I’m fairly certain that is Marco’s father. I cannot imagine what would have been going through his mind.


    Oli Peacock

    i also belive last year the misano marshals dropped Shoya Tomizawa after his crash



    @magnificent-geoffrey The man is Marco’s father



    I think unfortunately Marco was in a critical condition and sadly going to die regardless of what treatment he received, but it is definitely worrying and something DORNA should look into for future events. The standard of marshalling definitely seems to be variable across the various countries visited in Moto GP, and in F1. The UK is blessed with some of the best marshals around, even at national meets but some countries lag behind a bit in this respect.

    God forbid something happened when the rider/driver was in the care of the marshalls, and paralysis of a rider or even worse a fatality occurred as a result. It doesn’t bear thinking about.



    I don’t know if it’ll be investigated and right now I can only speculate but given the massive trauma he suffered I think his death was inevitable. It’s awful to watch but the marshals looked in such a hurry to get him treatment as quickly as possible that the one at the back on the right just seemed to lose his/her footing which I can understand especially when they’re on the grass. Hopefully the other marshals had a good hold so that he didn’t suffer any more of a trauma. Marshals usually do an absolutely sterling job but it’s awful that this happened at the very worst time.



    Pretty shocking, although I too would be surprised if it had any impact on his eventual death. It should certainly be looked into though. I’m sure that if they were running it was because they could see how critical his injuries were, but that is what lead to the fall (also it being on grass). The amount of time to be gained by running is minimal compared to the very real risk of dropping somebody already in a critical condition, and any marshals who think it is a good idea to run in that situation should probably be retrained (it must already be taught in some if not all countries).



    His father, quoted by Autosport (

    “I was thereabouts, but Marco was dead already. I was 10 metres away, but Marco was already dead, it changed nothing.

    I helped them: when they got back up and passed the stretcher over to my side of the guard rail I took the stretcher to place it in the ambulance and held Marco’s hand and called him ‘Ciao Marco’, but he was gone already.

    There was nothing that could be done. Nothing would have changed in that case. As for the rest, maybe more (attention) is needed, but these people try to do their best, so it’s useless… But in our case Marco died on impact.”



    That’s one of the most heart-breaking things I’ve ever heard.



    Very awful to see that, I guess the same thing happened last year when Shoya Tomizawa crashed.The Marshal needs to be trained well,as many things can go to worst from bad.



    What was up with the crowd in that video? It was obvious that Marco was seriously hurt but it sounds like they’re laughing and cheering when the marshals drop him. I hope I’m just hearing that wrong.



    @dave no, they’re not laughing or cheering. It’s an “ooooh” as in “oooh no”.

    I think Marco’s father is right unfortunately, he was already gone at that stage. He may have been gone even before Edwards and Rossi arrived at the scene. Horrible for a bystander to witness, much less a parent.



    It must be terrible knowing that you could of made things a lot worse but I am sure the Marshals did what they could and regardless of the treatment they I think did the job they needed. It’s shocking how they dropped him but under that much shock and pressure, mistakes would be made and I’m glad it was carrying him away after he passed on than when they were resuscitating him when he was alive.

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