2012 Formula Renault UK Axed

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    The Formula Renault UK season for 2012 has been cancelled after just 6 drivers entered. This follows the withdrawal of Manor Motorsport a few months ago in order to focus on series in Europe. It’s a shame really considering the number of big names that have come through the series but I can’t see it ever coming back, especially as a lot of drivers prefer to go to the Eurocup now.



    Wow that’s a shock, are there any major single-seater series left in the UK?



    Having looked on wikipedia, apparently there’s a BARC (British Automobile Racing Club) Formula Renault season… why don’t they just merge the two if they’re worried about too few entried, as this one seems to have plenty lined up.



    As @ajokay said there was another Formula Renault series in existance and at Silverstone last year they had both of them on the racing programme.
    so I’m not sad to see it go really, but it does leave a spot on the BTCC racing programme, will it be filled? if it does I hope its better then FRUK or the Porsche SuperBorings, maybe FFord? or another comical TinTop like the Clios?



    I see from that wiki page that they’re already supporting the BTCC at Silverstone, so it would make sense to add them to the bill for the whole season, except that their calendar doesn’t align with the BTCC’s and I doubt they’d revise it that much, or may not be able to due to other series. Maybe from 2013?




    Porsche SuperBorings




    When we visit Silverstone for the BTCC, seeing the Formula Renault cars was one of the highlights. :(



    Are they still doing anything like the National Saloon Car Championship that I saw a few years back on the bill with British GT and F3? Thats was pretty good and would bridge the gap between the Clios and the BTCC pretty well.

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