Advice on trackside medical support?

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    Guys and gals.

    Was wondering if anyone could point me the right direction here. Some of you know I’m a doctor, and I’m heading in the direction of anaesthesia and acute care. Part of gearing myself up for this is to do a course in ATLS (Advanced Trauma Life Support).

    I was wondering if I could utilise this as part of trackside medical support teams at race events, especially as I handily live within 45 minutes of Silverstone, both to provide support and get a bit more experience. Does anyone know of whom or which organisations I need to get in touch with to do this?

    Thanks ahead for your help :D



    Shouldn’t it be the track owner? I believe they are the ones that usually organizes the GPs



    I found this, Mouse_Nightshirt:

    Octagon Motorsports Ltd.

    Silverstone Circuit Towcester, Northamptonshire. NN12 8TN

    Telephone +44 (0) 1327 857271

    0844 3728 250

    Fax +44 (0) 1327 857663

    0844 3728 200

    and their website:

    I’m sure if you call them, they’ll be able to tell you something.



    Have a look at the British Motorsport Marshals Club website From their FAQ:

    What duties do BMMC Marshals cover?

    According to experience, the jobs include: Post Chief, incident officer, experienced marshal (flag & incident), track marshal,spectator marshal, race administration, paddock marshal, pit marshal, startline marshal, telephonist, rescue unit crew, rally stage marshal, rally timekeeper, passage control marshal, sector marshal etc. etc. The list is almost endless. BMMC members include doctors, scrutineers, timekeepers, ambulance drivers, firemen and commentators. In fact BMMC members can and do perform every official job function at all levels of the sport.

    The club was responsible for establishing the Emergency Services teams at Silverstone, Donington and Cadwell Park and provides the vast majority of their personnel.



    Thanks guys, really appreciate the help :D



    Good luck!

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