ALMS, any insight into this series?

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    Im going to the ALMS at Laugna Seca this year but have ashamedly not really followed the series till end of last year. Who’s big in it? Is it decent racing? I have not seen a entry list yet for 2013 but saw somewhere that Audi will represent at Sebring.



    I’m on my phone so I can’t really type up a huge review of the series, but I can say this: be glad you’re going this year. This is the last time the ALMS will race in its current, and definitely better form. Next year, they merge with Grand Am, and P1 will cease to exist, so this year is the last year we will see really fast cars.

    For Laguna, don’t expect Audi to show, they usually don’t do anything other than Sebring and PLM. That being said, P1 will be represented by Pickett Muscle Milk racing, Dyson racing, and Rebellion racing, which should make it pretty interesting. Still,in Laguna Seca, the star of the show is almost always GT, and I strongly suggest following GT, since that has the largest entry list, and usually the best racing.

    Have fun! ALMS is always great, I’ve been going to The 12 hours for the past 5 years now, and will definitely go for the next few years, even if it’s just for the atmosphere of the track and paddock.



    @polishboy808 thanks! Yes it seems like this could be the last of an era with the Grand Am merger. Also the search function on here works well :) hehe, saw the thread with the ALMS highlights of the close finish last year and wow! that was some full on racing going on there.
    Cant wait for Laguna in may, splurged on the pit row suite tickets!
    ALMS seems to have amazing access to the grid, paddock, etc…



    @polishboy808 Just for clarification, LMP1 is not being eliminated from the Euro LMS, right? Those cars are really interesting, at times moreso than F1 cars, and would hate for them to be cut out completely…

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