Anyone interested in karting?

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    Hey all, I’ve been going karting every few weeks for a while now and was wondering whether anyone here does it, I go to a place in Sunshine (Aus – Vic) and it’s great fun, The times I’m looking at now are a mid-high 37, which is about .5-1 second off my mate, who holds the 2nd fastest lap there….. Ever.

    It was a hot day however, and I’ve actually taken some skin off the hands because the kart I was in was much more inclined to fighting back than I was used to and of course I’d lent my gloves to my brother. Ouch! :S.
    But I still set a 37.7 so I was happy with that. :D

    If anyone ever wants to go sometime I would definitely be open to meeting new people :D Thought it’d be worth making a post about it!


    Oli Peacock

    I would say yes, had not lived on the otherside of the globe :P



    I would say yes as well, if I wasn’t in Canada. lol



    First time today… Brilliant!

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