Anyone know, what the black wrapper is people have on car bonnets.

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    Really random question but I keep seeing people with these things fitted to their cars and its bugging me what their actual use is.

    It looks like its made from flexible material, is about a foot across. Kind of looks like a big black elastic band around the bonnet. It then has 2 little flaps on it, one kind of inline with each font seat of the car.

    I have no idea what its called so google is useless!:o)

    Anyone know what the use of these devices are? I had concepts of it being an areo device to improve flow over the car but suspect its my F1 geekyness getting away with me.


    Dan Thorn

    What sorta cars have you seen it on?



    Hot hatches normally. Allot on golfs. I have googled like mad to find an example but cant come up with anything




    do you mean this?

    if so its called a Car Bra, no lies! haha



    I just wanted to post this.

    Yes, car-bra. Usually to stop stones from doing damage to the paintjob. The flaps are there to stop debris/stones from hitting the windows. Some rallye cars had similar devices. Today it’s only used by douches.



    Yeah i had just come back as found it. Apparentyly its to prevent chips, wonder if it does it with air flow like i was musing.



    Ok, so it might protect a select area of your car’s paintwork, but in the meantime, your car, and by extension, you, dun’arf look stupid.



    Cheers for that. You knowhow it is when these questions bug you.



    My neighbour has one installed on his Golf Mk 3.

    The funny bit is, since he usually doesn’t polish the car, the sun bleaches the rest of paint, but the bit underneath the bra is still shiney. Which means the bonnet is basically ruined, even though it is there to save the paint from damage…

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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