Brazilian Formula Truck accident

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    Quite shocking. The driver Diumar Bueno broke two legs and one of his arms. The worst part is that there is a 20 m deep cliff after the barrier, which is just unbelievable.
    Reports say he was cruising at 190 km/h at the moment he hit the barriers. He simply couldn’t do much after his Volvo lost its brakes.



    Shocking indeed, and a good example of why racing trucks are limited to 100mph in the UK.

    Seems as though he may have been trying to pitch it into a roll on the grass, but there’s no stopping that much momentum.


    Keith Collantine

    That’s just terrifying. It’s bad enough for him but the consequences had he hit someone when he crossed the track don’t bear considering. So fortunate to escape with his life.



    That scared the heck out of me. Driving something that heavy at that speed… the inertia makes it just unstoppable. Really glad he’s OK, at least alive. It seemed so awful…


    Colossal Squid

    That was terrifying to watch. I know nothing about truck racing (save from watching a bit on motors tv), and I certainly didn’t know they could reach those speeds!
    I’d question whether, considering their weight, speed capabilities and construction if it’s at all safe to race them…the truck went through the tyre barrier like it wasn’t even there! Maybe there should be more consideration at what tracks Trucks race at. Very happy to hear the driver’s injuries aren’t fatal.



    I have been to one of these races around 2008 and it is indeed a bit scary. Every now and then there is a big shunt but I think this one is the first to have serious consequences. The tracks are normally in smaller cities, with less than ideal safety standards.
    When I read the reports that he was at 190 km/h I thought it was a bit too much, but still… way too fast. I would agree that a speed limit is necessary (and also choosing tracks with no precipices around!).



    It’s also very fortunate that he didn’t hit a tyre barrier and then a spectator grandstand.



    That’s horrific.

    I’m not normally one for knee-jerk actions, but truck racing is thoroughly stupid in every way. Circuits are designed for narrow, lightweight racecars. Trucks are designd for doing 50mph in a straight line with enough torque to haul a load, not for racing. Stupid.


    Keith Collantine

    @xjr15jaaag Indeed. What must have been going through his mind during those endless seconds, no doubt furiously pumping the brake pedal and waiting to hit something? Horrible.



    @ajokay @colossal-squid Truck racing in Europe is speed-limited to 160km/h for precisely this reason, so I have no idea why it’s unlimited anywhere else. The safety standards definitely need to be looked at.


    Keith Collantine


    Truck racing in Europe is speed-limited to 160km/h

    That I did not know. Watching this it’s not hard to understand why.

    Can any physicians out there give us an idea what kind of force something weighing as much as a racing truck has when it’s doing these kind of speeds?



    Wow, that’s a scary crash.

    Wasn’t there a fatality at Interlagos in the last few years?. I’m hardly surprised with the speed and mass that those things can carry
    Are the trucks FIA sanctioned?

    I’m still gobsmacked by that crash. Just wow!


    James Eden

    The equation for Kinetic energy is 1/2 times Mass times Velocity Squared. So if the truck had mass 5500 KG and a velocity of 190 KPH (52.8 meters per second) it would have 7666560 Joules of energy. Compared to a F1 car crashing at that speed which would have 975744 Joules of energy. Difference of 6690816 Joules.


    Mallesh Magdum

    It went straight through the tyre barriers! Wow! We cannot change the track design, but we can add more tyre barriers. That would have stopped it



    If you look at the forces @jameseden show were at play, I seriously doubt less than 40 m of tyre barriers would have had any serious impact on that trucks speed @malleshmaghdum.

    Wow, roughly 7 x more than an F1 car, that just shows the difference between a light single seater and a truck which one should take in account when planning a track. I doubt even tracks like Turkey, India and Abu Dhabi with their enormous runoffs could handle that. Curious if the Paul Ricard rough surfacing would do any good to stop that.

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