Christchurch Earthquake

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    For those who do not know, Christchurch in New Zealand was hit by a 6.3 magnitude earthquake today at 12:51pm NZ time, 65 people are confirmed dead and with many more still missing and severly injured that total is expected to rise dramatically.

    I just want to thank the Australian, US and Japanese governments and Australian citizens for the outreach of support and the offer of specialist equipment and USR teams.

    Some links to check out if you want to know more; – death report – Updates – Donation information


    Nic Morley

    All my thought’s go out to those involved in the Christchurch earthquake. Wish then the very best.



    Best wishes and I hope they have a speedy recovery.


    I hope no Fanatics have been personally affected by this. The images on the news are just unreal.


    Stephen Jones

    very sad news.. hope as many people are as safe as possible. mother earth has really had it in for christchurch these past months.



    Mother earth has had it in for Queensland, Brazil and for a second time, New Zealand. There’s also a large amount of political unrest in the Middle East. 2011 has to be one of the worst years in history so far! Anyway, I feel sorry for everyone affected by this. There’s nothing I can say that will change anything, but everyone should know that the rest of the world is thinking of you.



    Best wishes to the people who have been hit by the earthquake.

    I woke up early this morning to the news report and it’s just awful.

    Damon you’re right this year has been quite bizzare (to say the least) already.



    Absolutely horrified seeing the news, thoughts are with New Zealanders and like Mag said I hope there are no F1Fs affected.

    Jenson Button tweeted a couple of links for donating to the relief efforts



    Thoughts with everyone there. I heard from my Auntie and Uncle today and their house has fallen down, important thing is they’re alive though.

    Still waiting to hear on 2 family friends who are living there too…



    @tommyb89, thats good to hear try this link, google have set up a person finder that reports on whether any information as been heard about those people



    Thanks for the link Jarred. Heard good news now. Well I say “good” half my Auntie’s house is destroyed but they are alive and so are my 2 family friends.

    Thoughts with everyone else in Christ Church at the mo.



    My thoughts are with those there who are affected.

    I have exams on at the moment, my post grad finals, and yet I can’t at all help but feel how pointless they are. Political genocides in the middle east and Africe, huge floods/winds in australia, huge earthquakes in NZ. This year is turning into a catastrophe! Certainly puts exam stress into perspective though.

    Best wishes to anyone affected



    Good to hear they are all safe Tommy



    All my thoughts are with the people there, Bangladesh is also under treat for a very bad earthquake. I just hope no F1F have been hurt.



    Hi guys, I think it’s to be expected, that the ’75 dead’ so far, is likely to more than double very soon. In one building alone, 100 are estimated to have perished.. :(

    There has been about 72 aftershocks reported, anywhere between 3.1 and 5.7 in scale.

    Aftershock feed :

    So donate if you can, send messages of support if you can’t.. anything to be positive and make those that hear you feel cared about.

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