Constructors Triple Crown of Motorsport

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    Are Mclaren and Mercedes the only constructors to have won the triple crown (Le Mans/Indianapolis 500/Monaco GP) of motorsports?

    Le Mans 24: 1995
    Indianapolis 500: 1974, 1974
    Monaco Grand Prix: 15x between1984 and 2008

    Le Mans: 1952/1989
    Indianapolis 500: 1915
    Monaco Grand Prix: 1935/1936/1937

    There are a few historic names who have won a couple of the three, but in a quick browse of the history books wiki pages I can’t add to Mclaren and Mercedes:
    +Ferrari have won in Monaco 8 times, and le Mans 9 times, but have never won the Indy 500.
    +Renault won le Mans in the 1970s and have won in Monaco but have no Indy 500 victory.
    +Peugeot won the Indy 500 in the 1910s – twice – and have had 3 more recent le Mans successes, but no Monaco Grand Prix wins.
    +Team Lotus and Maserati have no le Mans victories.

    Ford have won le Mans outright, but their Monaco and Indy 500 wins came as an engine manufacturer to other constructors.



    Alfa and Bugatti are double winners too, with le Mans and Monaco.


    Craig Woollard

    This really is an interesting one. I cannot find any other constructor who has done the Triple. Should be noted McLaren won the 500 in ’72, ’74 and ’76. It would be great to see a constructor do all 3 in the same year…



    Alfa Romeo and Bugatti are double winners too, cheers for that.

    Really surprised Mclaren/Mercedes never play up this unique feat, especially Mclaren who are the only one to have the variation of the triple crown that would be a constructor’s F1 championship/Le Mans/500.

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