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    Anyone here going to watch the Euro’s? The opening game starts tomorrow at 5 in the UK.. I think Spain, Germany or Holland have a good chance of winning it..I will of course be going for Ireland :) But I can’t see them getting out of that group..



    I’ll be watching as many matches as I can. It should be a really interesting tournament, difficult to predict. For example, I think England only have a fifty-fifty chance of getting out of their group. The only really weak teams in the whole draw are the two co-hosts, and even then, they’ll get a boost from playing at home. Looking forward to it :)



    I’ll try to watch each and every match. Rooting for Germany, as always.



    @estesark, Poland are actually quite strong, and the Ukraine very experienced. I would tip Ireland and Greece as the weakest teams.
    Look out for Croatia, that’s my secret tip.



    @magon4 Would that be the same Greece that went ten matches undefeated in qualifying and managed to come top of their group which included, among other teams, Croatia?

    Greece are ranked 15th in the world by FIFA. Poland are 62nd and Ukraine are 52nd. To claim that both of them are stronger than Greece is pushing it.



    Well, we’ll see. FIFA Rankings are pretty much nonsense…



    I have to admit that my interest in football is not as big as it was a few years ago. Nevertheless, I’ve been a fan of the German national team since at least 2000 so I’ll be watching all their games and some other (playoffs, Netherlands), too.

    By the way, this is already the third significant event this year where sports / entertainment and politics inevitably collide. Bahrain GP and the Eurovision song contest in Azerbaijan caused lots of discussions and now we have Euro 2012 in Ukraine, a country not as degenerate as Bahrain or Azerbaijan but still with serious human rights issues.



    Belgium is gonna nail it! With talented players like Hazard, Kompany, Fellaini, Defour, Lukaku, Vermaelen, Witsel, … Oh wait, we didn’t even qualify because they can’t play together. Never mind…



    If I could have one wish, I would like to see Spain go out in the group stage. Italy and Croatia are both very strong, so there is chance of that happening.

    I can’t see England getting out of the group. Some of Roy Hodgson’s selections are really puzzling. How can Liverpool, a team which struggled throughout the whole season and finished 8th, have more players in the squad than any other team?

    The group for England is pretty hard too. They won’t beat France who haven’t lost in over 20 games now, though I hope someone gives Samir Nasri a career-ending tackle. With Sweden, it probably depends on whether Ibrahimovic plays well. If he does, then England will struggle to win I think. Playing Ukraine on their home turf will also be very difficult, and they have some good players.

    I think Russia could be the dark horse in this tournament. They’re a good team, who traditionally play well at tournaments.



    Well one of the Stadiums is in my home city (Wroclaw), but of course when we tried to get tickets last year we were told all of them were sold out. Looks like we’re gonna have to get something last minute, hopefully not for some astronomical price.

    Anyway, its gonna be a great atmosphere in the city, and watching the games at home with family isn’t too bad either haha. Just wish we had made up our minds a little earlier. Eh, oh well.

    Also, looking at the final group, two teams instantly strike me as not belonging there: Poland and Ukraine. While arguable every other team truly deserves to be there, these two just don’t belong. Honestly, as much as I love Poland, I don’t believe that had we not been hosting this tournament we would be in the final group. Maybe this will give us a chance though, we’ll see I guess.



    I’ll be going for Portugal, as will my whole country. As always, the portuguese are again getting a bit too carried away with the Euro and for a month now you only hear on the TV: “Portugal is going to win it, WE ARE THE BEST!!”

    I honestly think we have no chance in a group which has Germany, Netherlands and Denmark. If we get by the group stage, then I will start believing we might have a chance. But anyway, I’m always trying to call all my friends earth. Hence why I’ve created this poster:



    My Predictions on the Group Stage and Knockout Stages:

    Group A
    1. Russia
    2. Czech
    3. Greece
    4. Poland

    Group B
    1. Germany
    2. Portugal
    3. Netherlands
    4. Denmark

    Group C
    1. Spain
    2. Italy
    3. Croatia
    4. Ireland

    Group D
    1. England
    2. France
    3. Sweden
    4. Ukraine



    After the collapse in South Africa, My expectations for England are through the floor. They’ll struggle badly with France and Sweden.



    Got Croatia in a sweepstake, so since Scotland failed to qualify (again….) I’ll be backing the best team in the world with red and white checked kits!



    I think Euro 2012 will be way better than the last world cup..thank god there will be no vuvuzelas at the matches cause they drove me insane :)
    I agree @david-a .. England have already had some bad press about the whole Ferdinand thing and I just dont see them doing well..I think at best they will reach the quarter finals..

    Russia, France or Croatia could be competitive I think.. I always pick a couple of teams to go for in these tournaments so I will be going for Russia Germany Ukraine and Denmark along with Ireland..

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