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    I have been thinking for quite sometime to do a tropic on this but couldn’t. So at last.

    Name the websites you visit quiet often to get the latest F1 news & why.

    1. read drivers interview before the race weekend,& especially after the qualifying & race what each driver & team personal have to day.

    2. The blog is awesome, the forum is great as I meet many F1 fans here & made friends with them. The forum is the great place to chat.

    3. to get the news but mainly to read Steve Slater’s comment on the race weekend.

    4. An F1 Blog- New blog, have many young writers & may be I write track preview there once in every weekend.



    I read the following: – Ditto to you best website around, great articles etc. to get good, credible info UK based it is brilliant, great articles, videos etc, plus you can rewatch grand prix. just for the technical blog it is pretty comprehensive. good stories posted, and some interesting videos on there.

    finallt the Guardian and Telegraph website, but that is usually when DC does a story or just after a GP, they dont run many other stories other than GP reviews etc



    I read: (rarely just for the video highlights) (all the time to comment and discuss) (again rarely) (mainly for the classic races on Iplayer)

    Twitter (all the latest news)


    Tom L.
    Participant – well, it’s the official site isn’t it, I’m not sure there’s much to add that hasn’t been said. – Despite losing the TV coverage they still update this with regular news snippets, James Allen articles and insights, pre- and post-race features, good photos too. Plus the odd appearance from a certain Mr Collantine!

    BBC – good video blogs, the daily round-up which is good, Classic F1, and Murray Walker!

    James Allen – great insights from someone with regular access to people ‘on the inside’ as it were, often offers a different perspective from the regular news sites. Also maintains a good connection with the readership.

    F1 Fanatic – need I say more?



    Autosport – best for news

    F1 Fanatic – best for analysis

    BBC F1 – for classic GPs and driver tracker

    Joe Saward’s blog – best for insight (

    James Allen on F1 – nice features



    Autosport – Great reliable news source.

    F1Fanatic – Great analysis, good knowlegable regular readers. – I feel obliged to take a look at the official site from time to time!

    Twitter – Great for random behind the scenes sttuff.


    Prisoner Monkeys

    In terms of blogs, F1 Fanatic is easily the best. James Allen is generally pretty insightful, and Adam Cooper is also good, though he doesn’t update that often. Will Buxton would be good if he updated more often, but Joe Saward is rubbish.

    Autosport is probably the best place to go for news. I’ll visit if I want to know what’s on the slush pile; they post just about every rumour that comes up.

    For forums, I’d say the Formula 1 subforum over at GT Planet is probably the best. F1 Rejects is also good, and the main site is a lot of fun. I’d avoid Autosport like the plague, though.


    Ned Flanders

    o F1 Fanatic – the perfect place for us F1 geeks! Keith’s analysis is of course excellent and it’s a nice online community for fans

    o Twitter – not really an F1 website but that’s pretty much all I use it for. It’s another good place to ‘micro chat’ with other fans

    o Autosport (the free part) – Best for straight news

    o James Allen on F1 – Allen’s very knowledgeable on F1, it’s a great blog

    o Joe Saward – He comes across as a pretty unpleasant chap, but I do like Saward’s journalism, and his stuff on when he used to update it more often. He has a pretty good knowledge of F1 business stuff, which I find really interesting


    Prisoner Monkeys

    James Allen on F1 – Allen’s very knowledgeable on F1, it’s a great blog

    It’s always funny, the difference between Allen the commentator and Allen the print journalist. But I think that’s because when you’re in the commentary box, you always have to be talking. There’s was a perfect example last night when Legard cut Brundle off twice (but then, Legard hadn’t finished his sentence and if I remember rightly, it was a half-decent comment; Brundle kept trying to jump in). When he’s putting pen to page, Allen has time to think about what he wants to say.



    ” When he’s putting pen to page, Allen has time to think about what he wants to say.”

    I think the same thing about JA, he’s much better in print rather than just having verbal diarrhea


    Keith Collantine

    I shouldn’t read this, I’ll get big-headed – thanks guys :-)


    Don Speekingleesh

    All my (F1) news comes though Google Reader, bar the people I follow on Twitter, so I sign up to most sites that have an RSS feed, unless they’re blatant rubbish.

    These are some that are in my Reader:

    *Here (Obviously!)


    *a few journos – Allen, Buxton, Cooper, Steven English, Martin Haven (not updated in over a year), Saward (not involved with anymore). Basically anyone with an RSS feed.

    *Pitpass – bit of an odd place. Very insular – tries to pretend the rest of the internet doesn’t exist.

    *BBC F1

    Plenty more I can’t think of at the moment.

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