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    I’ve created a league on

    If you would like to take part the code to join is 485421-132214. It’s free to register and all for a bit of fun :)

    My team is called McLaren FC, post your team names in the repiles :)



    My team is called Mclaren City, but i can’t join your league, when i click on join private league it doesn’t do anything.



    done now



    1 Mclaren City Ellis Ell 63 63

    2 Shildon Rovers AFC James Hillary 59 59

    3 Stay On Your Feet Richard Gomez-Lee 57 57

    4 Nacho Utd Matthew Proctor 50 50

    5 Bullfrog United Tom Ball 48 48

    6 McLaren FC James Ellis 42 42

    7 Jack’s team. Jack Amey 40 40

    8 Unknown United Mike Greenough 37 37

    A nice league table. I AM AT THE TOP. Double-take, I AM AT THE TOP. I spent 0 days at the top last year, so i am doing well. It’s now just staying there ;)




    1-Mclaren City-Ellis Ell-74-185

    2-McLaren FC-James Ellis-82-181

    3-Nacho Utd-Matthew Proctor-76-175

    4-Stay On Your Feet-Richard Gomez-Lee-54-169

    5-Shildon Rovers AFC-James Hillary-53-154

    6-Bullfrog United-Tom Ball-34-129

    7-Jack’s team-Jack Amey-54-116

    8-Unknown United-Mike Greenough-43-109

    I forgot about last week (mainly because i dropped to 2nd) so here is the week 3 table. I return to the top , with last weeks leader dropping to 4th. Player of the week must be James Ellis, with a storming day jumping to 3rd.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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