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    What are your musical tastes?

    My favourite singer is Zucchero Sugar Fornaciari and my favourite song is his Troppa Fedelt�.



    Dave Grohl (Legend) – Nirvana/Foo Fighters/Queens Of the Stone Age/Them Crooked Vultures to name but a few he has contributed to!


    Dan Thorn

    I’m into most of the oldies – Def Leppard, The Who, Led Zep, The Beatles, T-Rex, Beach Boys, Huey Lewis & The News, Billy Joel, Tom Petty, Pink Floyd, Dire Straits, Van Halen etc…

    Favourite song depends on my mood, but things like BTO’s “You Ain’t seen Nothing Yet”, Def Leppard’s “Love Bites” and The Who’s “Won’t Get Fooled Again” are up there with dozens of others than I regularly listen to.

    Also like a good bit of classic music, crooners and 50’s Rock ‘n’ Roll and while there is some modern stuff I like, it mainly leaves me cold.


    Tom L.

    “BTO’s “You Ain’t seen Nothing Yet” ” – classic piece of F1 music, thanks to ITV!



    “within temptation” Angel



    Select few include Between the Buried and Me, Protest the Hero, Meshuggah, Strapping Young Lad, Mastodon…

    Currently listening to Incubus however :D


    sbl on tour

    keeping it local, duke special, foy vance , andy white and of course “chasing cars” by snow patrol



    I love music, its the only thing that rivals F1 for me. My favourite band is the Strokes, I also love the Beatles and the Beach Boys.

    I love 50s rock n roll, and 60s beat pop. I also love bands such as Girls, Avi Buffalo and Best Coast.


    If you click on my name above it will lead you to my band, have a listen if you’ve got a free minute or too.




    It would have to be:

    Pendulum – Fasten your seatbelts

    listen to it at:

    (its only good after a minute)


    Stephen Jones

    pendulum’s great.. a mate and i are trying to cover Granite and Showdown.

    at the moment i’m listening to Fatboy Slim.. so 90’s, so good :D




    Like Smifaye F1 is the only thing to rival music for me. I grew up and worked with music most of life owning 2 business that revolved around it. Curtis Mayfield is a fave of mine as is Pendulum mentioned above as is James Brown as is The Who as is The Beastie Boys as is Silversun Pickups, Phoenix, Wombats, Fat Freddys Drop oh the list goes on.

    One of my fav songs is Abracadabra by The Steve Miller Band


    Ned Flanders

    The majority of the music I like doesn’t involve singers- it’s DJ’s and electronic stuff and instrumental jazz etc. I reckon I have a similar taste in electronic music to Jaime Alguersuari!

    However I say full marks to FunkyF1 for liking Fat Freddy’s Drop. They make this reggae-ish/ downtempo kind of music which is hard to pigeonhole- but it’s amazing! I implore you all to give the following song a try:



    My tastes are the same as Heikki Kovalainen, ranging from symphonic metal to electronic/house etc. I love music though, will give anything a go – and am listening to smifaye’s stuff now to try it out!



    Stereophonics, Muse, Nickelback, Pendulum, how awesome has the music in most of the video race highlights been this year. Found so much good music through them.

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