FIA planning electric car championship

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    But I hope the regulations are generous enough to allow many different technological solutions.

    And hopefully, in time, allow solutions developed from those championships to be carried on over to F1



    This actually sounds quite interesting. One day, (unfortunately) F1 will probably be electric, so I will keep a close eye on this.


    Stephen Jones

    april fools was yester- oh wait..



    Instead of refuelling, they will come in for a recharging =)



    Isn’t the RC Championship enough!!!



    Recharging an electric car takes forever, it’ll be longer than the Le Mans 24 hours if they stop to recharge!



    Recharging doesn’t have to take long if you use fuel cells. In fact, it would be no different to refuelling petrol, because, after all, it is refuelling hydrogen.

    More information:

    Seems like it has the EU’s backing



    I guess with electric it will be change batteries instead of recharging. With fuel cells it will be refuelling.

    Actually quite exiting. Some F1 teams might find a good branching off for their technical people to have some fun developing exiting new things to work efficient and get as much power on track as possible in series like that. Then when it actually starts working and bringing real performance boost they can use it in the real world of F1 racing.



    We don’t have refuelling in F1, so why in this? It would give encouragement to increasing the performance of the batteries.

    The only problem is I can’t see any interest whatsoever in any championship even within the motorsport fanbase.


    They race by electic, they can travel by electric, lets see them do that…

    No point trying to race with it if you can’t even use it in real life.

    There’s nothing special about using electric or hyrdrogen in a race car for a season if the travel situation is by using a lorry or jumbo jet from country to country.



    I’m pro-electric-F1 eventually, I do beleive it will work since you only need a charge in the batteries to last around 2 hours. You would only need 3 charges to have a Saturday practice session, a Saturday Quali, and a Sunday race. I also think Friday Sessions will be dropped in a cost saving exercise in a few years time.

    FIA are introducing an electric series of racing it’s called F1:2020!!



    @nico WDC ’11

    Well by your logic then, there is no point in F1 because you can’t use it in real life. Teams also travel by jet turbine engines and not by piston engines.



    Bad thing of electronic is that cars doesn’t get faster as race proceeding. Because differ from fuel, battery doesn’t get lighter when you use it. It would be too predictable. It doesn’t mean I hate electronic but one of uncertainity would go away. Of course omething I don’t know yet should come with it.



    (((Fossil fuel))) is the main general point im trying to get across, it’s used everywere trains, cars, ships, planes. Electric powered forms of transport arn’t used unless you live in LA or Japan.<- (stereotype sorry)

    Edit: But yet in the long run electric powered cars, could ignite the endurance series all over Britian. With countless towns voting for a bann on “all night” races when they buy their mansions 50 years after the track was built has really hit the lower series of racing in Britain.

    I would be interested to watching the new series of (EF1)Electric Formula 1, only if the BBC/ITV got it. But would the likes of Heidfeld, Bruno, Chandhok etc… be interested though?



    Unless you live in a really backward country in terms of rail infrastructure (i.e. UK), most, if not all, trains are electric.

    Even a number of diesel locomotives are actually hybrids in that a diesel engine runs the generator, which in turn runs the electric motor. Such hybrid locomotives are also a lot older than you think.

    Why does everything have to be electric? The logic that if we can’t have everything one way, or there is no point at all, is unconvincing.

    It is a promising technology and I think it would be stupid not to encourage development.

    Also, the point of moving to electric is not to lessen the impact of motor racing itself on the environment. It’s to develop new technology which could influence the industry in general.

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