FIA planning electric car championship

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    Im trying to say if they want an F1 style like that (electric or hydrogen powered) they should use it to get around as well to show confidence in using that source of power. Not just using petrol to get around 90% of the time…etc

    It’s promising yes, but this series I feel would be hollow if it’s dependant on petrol to get around, thats my only problem with it. Other than that it gets the thumbs up by me.



    Electricity for cars doesn’t come from the heavens . An interesting proposition nevertheless . Hope that the regs are open enough so that the technology may seep into road cars of the near future .



    If only we had a racing series where souped-up production cars could be raced against each other to test these new road technolo…hang on! We do!



    @riise – I can’t bring myself to watch RC racing. I thought Motors TV were taking the mick at first!

    But back on topic. Electric will ultimately be the way forward, we’re seeing it already with KERS. I shall have a look over that article later, I did read one the other day on the round-up but maybe that’s in more detail?



    Ive got electric F1 in my living room. Its called Scalextric. Its awesome, but I dont think it will scale up too well.


    Russell Gould

    Series sponsor? Scalextric, of course! Now HRT will have something to spraypaint over those “You” and “This is a cool spot”! ;-)



    Well I can’t help but think Todt is being a little ambitious with this so soon, 2013? I doubt it. It’s a good initiative and its heart is in the right place but ‘F1 style’ electric racing just smacks in the face of irony. Everything has a supposed ‘carbon footprint’ and I think anything of this magnitude could never justify itself. Toyota are doing a good enough job.



    Has anyone seen that Andros Trophy Electric Series? The silence is scary in that thing. The racing is also diabolical.


    Stephen Jones

    well, could it have anything to do with this?

    tl;dr: kart race with F1 drivers relaunched with electric engines



    They could make energy available through the track via mediums such as Witricity or similar, which in itself could use solar power to gain and return a charge.

    This would reduce the need for sizable on board batteries, or replace long term storage all together. The cars would be lighter, faster, require less energy, and going off track could be made to be a considerable disadvantage.

    The real world implications are clear. Clean, available on road energy also returned to cars via Witricity or something similar and potentially included as part of the road tax. Less strain on oower stations and energy transport.

    The set up could be placed in many places across the world and doesn’t require massive infrastructure, as it’s self contained.

    This is a theory off the top of my head, but there’s a fair amount of promise in it.

    In other news, battery recharging time is rapidly coming down to seconds and minutes depending on the size of the battery, not hours. So recharging a standard electric car battery could take as much time as a petrol station visit, or much less.

    Whatever happens, electric motor racing must not remain static.



    I doubt it will have anything to do with F1 if it happens. It will be another formula with less investment (if any at all).



    @infy I think that goes without saying, at least to start with :)

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