Football World cup 2010

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    It starts today with South Africa – Mexico and Uruguay – France.

    I think Spain will win it, with England and Brazil being very close. I also think that Serbia and Slovakia might surprise.



    The world cup is starting? I really hadn’t noticed…

    I want to support England, they’re the only British team in the tournement and I support England at cricket. But as a Manxman who spends most of my time in Scotland I’m in no way obliged to support them and every England related advert I see on the TV and all the hype in the media just makes me less and less likely to support them. I might just support someone like Holland or Australia.

    The first game of the world cup is today but I’ll be watching a propper sport instead, Friday is Senior race day at the TT.



    I’ll be supporting mainly Slovenia as my home country, then Australia, England.



    Germany to beat Brazil in the final. Argentina third.



    England will get out of their group without impressing. Serbia may well knock them out. Unlikley they’ll get past the first decent latin side they face. Not a strong enough squad too many injuries.

    Brazil or Spain in the final. Off chance of Argentina. Spain most probably, it’s literally ridiculous how good they are at the moment.



    As an Irishman,of course I want France to fail.I personally think that the final will be between Spain and Brazil.I’d say that England could be possibly strong enough to reach the semi final.


    Tom L.

    France are really poor right now, I can’t see them getting past the quarters at best.

    I feel a bit sorry for North Korea, they’ve made the World Cup for the first time in however many years and they get drawn in the group of death!



    Differently from 4 years ago, Brazil aren’t the best team, so they might win…


    Ned Flanders

    I’m supporting all the African teams, especially South Africa. Football seems to mean so much to them. The atmosphere at the opening earlier today was just incredible… although those vuvuzelas got annoying pretty quickly!

    Oh yeah, I’m English so I suppose I support England too…


    Keith Collantine

    Caught the last few minutes of France-Uruguay. The World Cup is the only football tournament that piques my interest but, wow, the noise of those vuvuzelas is irritating. I’m not sure I could even be bothered to watch the England games over than din.



    France Uruguay was dire. I love the WC.


    Tom L.

    The vuvuzelas sound like a swarm of bees or wasps!

    South Africa’s goal was rather impressive, they were unlucky not to win it with the shot off the post near the end. France – Uruguay wasn’t fantastic…



    I love the World Cup and am very disappointed I’ll have to miss most of it because of working and the time difference with Canada.

    However, I’m willing to bet money that neither Spain, Brazil, nor Argentina will win it.



    I’ll cheer on the English team of course.

    However, I’m not Irish but the way France got there was such a blatant act of cheating that they deserve to go out of this World Cup ASAP, and be humiliated in the process. It’s hard to imagine such a obvious and deliberate bit of cheating could go unpunished in any other sport, especially given the enormous consequences for World Cup qualification.

    I’m trying to think of the best F1 analogy and the best I can think of is Schumacher on Villeneuve in the last round of the 1997 championship.



    Yer I won’t be supporting France at all either, they look pretty crap anyway though.

    Watching the ROK vs Greece game atm and two things strike me. First there’s loads of empty seats, or at least it looks that way which is an abosolute discrace if tickets are priced so high that there are empty seats. Second those horns are really annoying, they might be quite cool if they were played with any kind of rationale, like when there’s a goal, but they’re constantly being blared making for a constant drone which sounds rubbish.

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