Go Karting Injury

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    Elliot Horwood

    Basically ive done various google searching and cant find anything but after doing a 1 hour go karting race i have got various friction burns on my middle back and lower back where my skin has been rubbing.

    i wondered if anyone could find anything about prevent friction burns/blisters when go karting or had any experiance, i just need something to stop this as it loks as if ive been dragged along a carpet at about 10mph and massive carpet burns

    Thanks for any help!!



    I’ve never had this experience before but what were you wearing? Was it because of the kart or your clothes? If it was your clothes you may want to wear something a bit thicker and/softer next time.



    Any time i’ve driven a go kart i’ve ended up with huge bumps on my back. Not really related but i had one that was about and inch and a half high. I won the race but i destroyed my back. :)



    @Elliot Horwood as Steph said wear something softer, and try wearing a rib protecter that partially covers your back.

    @MGP W01 strengthen your back. I am sure that you will find tons of back exercises in the internet, and if you are serios about racing i recommend this book called Motorsport Fitness Manual.



    How big was the seat? You tend to get thrown about a fair bit and you may have picked up the burns from that.



    Friction burns? That’s not one I’ve heard of. As Steph says, it would be good to know what you were wearing. The Kevlar body armour might help, but I suspect it’s more to do with something rubbing. Better fitting suit or, if your seat is too big, a seat liner for size might be useful.



    I have really big scars on my back from karting, and theres only one way to prevent them. Where a chest protecter that wraps all the way around your body. Assuming this is for actual sport and not just rental karts, I suggest putting it under your suit, so it decreases any friction between your shirt and the suit.


    Stephen Jones

    Another tip (for the competition side), is to make sure the seat is as tight as possible, It’s not like a car seat, where you can sit and get strapped in.. In a Kart seat you need to be squeezed in hard enough that you can’t physically move, then you shouldn’t be moving around getting friction burns!

    No matter what you do though, you’ll still get bruised while karting.. I’ve been racing for 7 Years, and I still normally get bruise’s and scrapes on my knees, hips and shoulders.. It’s never comfortable!

    i’m sure you’ll find more help at a different website! not sure if an F1 Fan’s site is the best idea!

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