Great Driving Songs

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    Fellow Fanatics,

    I’m soon going to be doing a long drive, around 12 hours!!!! I will need something to do in that time. I started to make a few CD’s and found only around 10 really good driving songs in my collection. So any suggestions, basically whats your favourite driving songs and why???

    I dont mind what genre, either Rock, Dance, Old School……. anything

    Ill get the wheel rolling…(I’m clearly rock biased haha)

    Steppenwolf – Born to be Wild (classic)

    Metallica – Fuel

    ACDC – Highway to Hell



    For me, the best song I’ve heard whilst on the road is Bon Jovi’s Have a Nice Day.



    I like it, slow, catchy, classic, sounds like it would be the background music in a movie during a meaningful car scene haha thanks


    Red Andy

    Tom Petty’s 2006 album “Highway Companion” is, appropriately, a great listen when you’re on the road, I reckon.



    One of the very worst which was always on the car when I was a kid was the one that goea “wherever you go always take the weather with you” I hated it especially as in the North East it’s always chucking it down!

    I haven’t driven in a while but mostly I used to love to listen to the sound of the engine. I’m not a big fan of Snow Patrol or Coldplay but I’ve always found their songs quite mellow and relaxing to drive to. I don’t like to have mad songs I’ll sing along to because then I’ll get carried away and crash :P


    Double Apex

    The Cardigans – My Favourite Game. Excellent driving song and it reminds me of Gran Turismo 2 – which is a good thing! :)



    AC/DC – It’s a long way to the top

    Motley Crue – Kickstart My Heart

    Van Halen – Panama (in the middle of the song you can hear the sound of Eddie’s Lambo)



    Fear Factory – Human Shields

    Metallica – the whole …And Justice for All album, Wherever I May Roam, My Friend of Misery, Orion

    Dream Theater – This Dying Soul, the whole Octavarium album

    Black Label Society – Lost Heaven, Too Tough to Die, Sick of it All, Overlord

    Slayer – Playing with Dolls, Gemini

    Slipknot – Wherein Lies Continue

    Soulfly – Soulfly III, IV, V, VI

    Rob Zombie – Demon Speeding, Feel So Numb

    Rammstein – Benzin, Moskau

    Pantera – 10s, 25 Years, Revolution Is My Name, Cemetery Gates

    Ozzy Osbourne – The Almighty Dollar, My Jekyll Doesn’t Hide, Crazy Train

    Down – New Orleans is a Dying Whore, Ghosts Along the Mississippi, In the Thrall of it All

    Crowbar – Coming Down

    Chimaira – Disappearing Sun, Six

    AC/DC – Moneytalks, Mistress for Christmas



    Glue you have pretty good taste in music!! Thanks guys, collections getting bigger haha



    @talladega knight. That song is a great song to drive to.. always had on my iPod, and as a back up on cd as well



    The Killers makes great driving music as well.



    Pink Floyd – The Wall Live

    Pendulum – In Silico

    Joe Satriani – The Extremist

    Sasha – Invol2ver

    Sigur Ros – Agaetis Byrjun

    Leftfield – Leftism

    Dr Dre – 2001

    Evil Nine – You Can Be Special Too

    Pantera – Vulgar Display Of Power


    Stephen Jones

    chuck on some Feeder.. you should be right



    The best has to be from Cars. Rascall Flats – Life is a highway, and also the theme song, cant remember its name.


    Dan Thorn

    Once when driving through a glorious snow blanketed Cornish valley, the sun was setting and Pink Floyd’s ‘Wish You Were Here’ came on my iPod. I cranked up the volume and it was honestly one of the most epic things ever.

    If you’re on B-Roads then some classical music can work a treat. Verdi’s ‘Anvil Chorus’, Bizet’s ‘Au Fond du Temple Saint’ and Elgar’s ‘Nimrod’ are regular driving music for me.

    Other great driving songs I love:

    Matt Monro – On Days Like These (watch out for the tunnels with this one though :P)

    Led Zeppelin – Communication Breakdown

    The Who – Won’t Get Fooled Again

    Dave, Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mich and Tich – Hold Tight!

    Muse – Hysteria

    T-Rex – 20th Century Boy

    Molly Hatchet – Flirtin’ With Disaster

    The Skids – Into the Valley

    Tom Robinson Band – 2-4-6-8 Motorway (Bit of cheese there)

    David Bowie – Suffragette City

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