Have you tried to make it into F1?


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    This comment from @rigi made me wonder: are there more F1Fanatics who have seriously tried to make it into motorsports?

    With that I mean, have you raced in a national karting league, perhaps even something like F3? Have you raced against people the average F1Fanatic knows? I would love to read about your experience!


    Bradley Downton

    While up at Thruxton for the BTCC one year (I was about 14) I spoke to the team owner of a team in the Ginetta Junior Championship. I managed to wangle a sort of test in some go-karts at the kart center next door against his current drivers, and beat them all.

    He then said I could have the drive he was offering if I could find £10,000 worth of sponsorship. I tried, but failed.

    However on another note my cousin was involved in a scholarship for a drive in the Formula 3 Championship many years ago, and made it to the final. However he missed out because the eventual winner had a dad who was a millionaire.



    I would love to race in F1. Or even just GP2 or Formula 3.
    Never bothered trying yet but I might one day…

    I was once told after a small karting championship that I had potential.
    I shall ignore that for now.

    Basically I won about 6 out of 10 races in this British kart thing and in one (I remember the track was still damp after a huge downpour) I won by about 30 seconds. But I also had my dodgy “Grosjean-ish” moments.
    One particular one was when I was overtaking someone on the outside of a chicane and they just swerved into me and I went sailing into the barrrier, taking 3 others with me!

    Still, I might try again another day but one 8 race kart championship is enough for me.



    Not as a driver, but I’m currently applying to do an engineering graduate scheme at McLaren.



    I’ve done a very small amount of rally driving and a lot of drifting, but nothing competitive. I would love to, and do plan on getting a racing license at some point. But I would much prefer racing tin-tops than open-wheelers.



    @aus_steve Is trying, fast guy there :D



    I may be testing a kart at some point this year.
    Haven’t driven a kart for about a year…



    I raced against Perry McCarthy (The original stig, and ex-Formula One driver) on Formula One: Championship edition in an event. I was the only one throughout the event to not only best his time, but also beat him in a straight race. So although not really an attempt to get into F1…it’s still an experience that I’ll never forget and can carry those bragging rights for a long time to come :P (Also won a PS3 because of that)


    Iestyn Davies

    Nice – didn’t know there was so much talent in the F1F readership. The closest I have come is to come second in the McLaren sim (Manchester Vodafone event) at Silverstone (1 lap standing start), with the winner only besting my time on his second attempt. So, I was pipped to the signed merchandise, like Rosberg was for pole today by Hamilton himself! Everyone else was no where near, so both of us young lads were probably the only ones with previous sim-racing experience there.


    Lucas Wilson

    I got a trophy in simulator racing but that’s probably nothing.



    I have tried to make it into serious racing, but first driving a kart at age 16 it was always going to be a long shot. I participated in the Dutch indoorkart championship, where I finished 7th overall, but I was always faster outdoor. Unfortunately I couldn’t find any sponsorship money. In all honesty, I don’t think I’d have been good enough for F1, but I feel I could have done reasonably well in the lower classes.

    As in “hey, at least I did this”, I beat Rintje Ritsma (world champonship speed skater and later Renault cup racer) in a kart race, and at the launch event of F1 2010, I set a time only 0.17 seconds slower than ex-F1 driver Robert Doornbos :D .

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