How will you occupy your time during the off-season?

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    Surprisingly, I couldn’t find this topic in the forum and I was sure it must have been created before but I must have dreamt it so what will you do during the off season? How will you celebrate Xmas (if you do celebrate Xmas of course :P) ? Any crazy plans or big changes ahead? It doesn’t have to have anything to do with F1 either I’d just like to know a little more about you all.


    Keith Collantine


    Nothing particularly exciting, I live in Northern Ireland, where we have no proper motorsport-y things (at least where I live in the West, all rallying here). The first time I saw a real F1 car was when I went to London for a day in July and I saw 4 of them.

    I’ve one week of uni left, then it’s home for Christmas. Eat, shoot, fly (weather permitting) and be lazy, then it’s back for exams in January. Speaking of which, I really should stop procrastinating and learn some of this stuff.



    I’ll be moping about as usual, working throughout I guess.
    competing in the Collantine Cup scoring more points than Williams actually did.


    I’ve one week of uni left, then it’s home for Christmas. Eat, shoot, fly (weather permitting) and be lazy, then it’s back for exams in January. Speaking of which, I really should stop procrastinating and learn some of this stuff.

    And I really should follow your lead and get off here myself and finish this law essay.



    I’ll most likely spend most of my Summer Holidays working… :/ Great holiday I know… Apart from that I plan to watch Sprint Car racing when I can up at Murray Bridge Speedway and Speedway City and I’d like to finish reading several motorsport biographies that I’ve bought recently.

    And of course I’ll be scouring F1 Fanatic for any shred of F1 related news… :P

    Hope everyone has a happy and safe holidays :)


    Prisoner Monkeys

    I’ll be looking for work, and then I’ll be looking for a house. And then I’ll be moving in. And then I’ll start teaching, and the weekend of the Australian Grand Prix is likely to be the first that I have off all term.



    I LOOOOOOVVVEEE CHRISTMASS! so I think I’ll stick to that for now and enjoy it untill 27th of december. I think I’ll have a vacationjob, and afterwards I’m probably going to search for a job or a study. I also still have my playstation so I think I’m well-organised for the winter break…

    How I’m going to celebrate christmass? well mostly with the family, I don’t know where, with my mom or with my dad (both of my parents are remaraged). 1 things for sure, IF it snows here, I’ll SURELY take pics of it just like last year. Last year it was the first white xmass for years and I didn’t seen any of those as I’m form 1990 and the last white xmass was in 1967 or something. I even made a movie about it:–W781Ebs

    I also mostly enjoy coca cola’s xmass-commercial and every year I sent in christmass e-cards from coca cola itself… But the best that I’ve seen so far on whole youtube is this movie:



    I’ll be completing essays (I should be doing one now, but I can’t bring myself to do it just yet), I’ll also be listening to my iPod and taking part in the Collantine Cup.


    Alianora La Canta

    Of the items Keith recommended in his post:

    Related to 2-participate in the F1F Season Review, I need to sort out doing my 2011 season review (and sort out my blog in general – it could do with re-focusing)

    I’d love to do 6 (organise a trip to Donington Park museum) but I think, due to other expenses, I’ll have to wait yet another year.

    I’ll probably end up doing 7 (reading parts of the F1F archive) because that happens from time to time in-season too ;)

    8 (following F1’s pre-season) is inevitable and I’m already doing 9 (keeping up-to-date with F1F) through Twitter.

    I hope to do 11 (a spot of karting) – the turn-of-year event I hoped to go to hasn’t got back to me on how to pay, but even if that doesn’t work out, there’s a nice fun indoor venue I can sometimes access. Later in the winter, I might even take up an offer of coaching a different venue recently sent me (I would share it but I’m worried it would come across as spam, especially in this context). Sadly 12 (driving a F1 car) is a no-go for the foreseeable future.

    Related to 18 (build a F1 car), I’ve got a little side project going, trying to paint up a cheap die-cast F430 to look vaguely like a 2010 AF Corse GT2 car. Next job: must remember to pick up some yellow paint for the trim…

    Related to 22-28 (Reading F1 books) is inevitable, especially since I know I have at least one (plus a rallying book) from friends. I have some very nice friends :)

    My non-F1 related stuff involves trying to stay warm, doing a course on Business Administration, learning some basic Finnish so I can communicate better with one of my penpals and trying to get fit ready for a possible triathlon relay next September. Also, celebrating Christmas with my family – it’s a wonderful time of year. Getting a job might be an idea too but that’s been going on long enough not to qualify as a “off-season” task.



    @damonsmedley: our cats are maine coons which is a race that may sit outside when it’s winter. It are forestcats. That explains why. Well it’s exceptional that we had snow falling down at 25 december itself. We didn’t saw snow falling on 24th december but there was snow laying on the floor so that’s enough for me. There are christmassmarkets whichg started yesterday actually every year, at our city as well as at our province (the one from our province stands untill 28th of december and the one from our city is done today). At our city people are setting up trees for the christmassmarket which then stand there untill 6th of january, so when the snow falls, it gives that sort of special effect.

    I’m actually jalous at america, canada, russia, sweden or norway where they get constantly white xmasses every year, over and over again.



    I will spend huge amount of time with you all here & on twitter discussing F1.


    Prisoner Monkeys

    Occupy Wall Street?

    No, Occupy Pit Lane!



    iRacing. Lots of iRacing.

    And Angry Birds.

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