Hurricane Sandy

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    Bradley Downton

    I don’t know if any of you guys on here are in the path of the Hurricane, but if you are, my thoughts are very much with you.
    Just thought I’d set up a topic so people can comment about this, I know a lot of people will want to say something.



    I hope people will realize that these phenomena will become a frequent recurrence in the coming decades due to global warming and these blackouts of economic activity, not just during the hurricane, but also after, when much of the infrastructure will be unusable, will ultimately cost a whole lot more than stricter emission norms. If developing countries would not freeride that is, of course…


    Felipe Bomeny

    Good luck to you folks in the north. We’ve seen some gnarly ‘canes down here in Florida but the expected consequences of the storm are much worse than what we’ve gotten in the last couple of years (well, except for the flooding of Wellington, FL).



    I’m in Canada, so I’ll be getting some fairly heavy rain, but that’s it. Good luck to all of you who are further South…



    I wish all the luck in the world for the people in the affected areas. I’ve already seen pictures of fallen trees, houses taken down by waves, roads destroyed by the waves, a house’s facade completely destryed, flooding on various areas of New Jersey, DC… It looks and sounds like a massive hurricane coming. So again, all the luck in the world!

    And @necrodethmortem is right, the increase in the number of hurricane occurences per year is the fault of global warming, which is ultimately our fault. But unfortunately, the big companies will continue to influence our world.



    Hopefully the impact won’t be too big up north, we’re pretty lucky here in Florida to have missed this one. We had Isaac earlier this year, and we were flooded, and that was just a Tropical Storm! The biggest problem is that up north they are not prepared for these kinds of storms like Floridians are. Obviously nothing against them, but they very rarely get hit by hurricanes, and this is the first one in years (Whereas Florida is known for its vulnerability to hurricanes, and we have had plenty of them in the last 10 years). Just hoping everybody stays safe through the storm.



    I’m in western Pennsylvania at the moment. We’ve got high winds and heavy rain but no where on the scale of what the east coast is getting. Thoughts are with all those on the east coast and anyone affected by Sandy!


    Keith Collantine

    Stay safe guys!



    Stay safe and good luck!



    Just watched the news. It’s a terrible disaster. Are you OK? :(



    How bad is it down in New York? I’ve seen pictures, but I’m not sure if those can fully describe it. Hope you guys down there are OK.

    Meanwhile, here in southern Canada, we’re getting way more wind than usual. Which is strange, since hurricanes usually don’t affect us at all (apart from slight rain). At this rate, we’ll be having to hide from floods in 20 years.



    @aka_robyn in New York is without electricity, she told me on twitter that she will probably have to miss the Abu Dhabi race. But it seems she’s alright otherwise so its good news then.

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