I am now a gentleman racer!

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    i am proud to announce the formation of Cos-tech Racing and Paraphernalia, or CRaP. CRaP is a 1-car, 10-man team, and since the car is 1:10 scale so is the staff. as owner and team principal of CRaP, i am pleased to announce me as chief tech officer, race engineer and driver.

    CRaP will be fielding a single Losi 22 entry in the Electric Off-Road 2WD Open class at club level, with the goal of qualifying for a national series event to be held in october. there will be factory teams and their national/world champion drivers. time, money, experience, a shoulder to cry on….i have none of these things. instead, i will rely on my unshakable belief that i’m right and you’re not.








    status updates:

    parts and equipment researched, selected and acquired

    initial construction complete
    -several out-of-the-box steering issues corrected, wiring roughed in, shocks unsatisfactory

    test 1
    bench testing/living room assault mode – all systems ok. due to high speeds, living room assault mode is indefinitely suspended.

    test 2
    parking lot – all systems ok, multiple traction roll-overs with only cosmetic damage, severe degradation of super soft rear tires. due to high speeds, tire wear and surface conditions, parking lot testing is indefinitely suspended.

    test 3
    disused baseball field – extremely rough, hard, dusty, hot. added 1 temp probe to telemetry (battery), extended wheel base (1.5mm), rebuilt shocks bladder-less, speed control firmware updated and configured, 100% throttle attempted.

    radio transmitting and receiving at range – ok
    battery, speed control and motor power levels – ok
    battery, speed control and motor temps – ok
    steering and suspension – left front wheel worked itself loose at the 20 minute mark, due to not using thread-lock on the screw. wheel off, screw lost, go home.

    use of full throttle – it remains very difficult to put full power down and keep it shiny-side up. instant wheelies at any speed and unsuitable surfaces have kept me veeeery light on the throttle. mostly, i was looking for glitching or low power as i stressed the car at maximum. i had a few nice powerslides, flicking the wheel lock to lock, which should have induced the problem if i was going to have it at all.

    tear-down/analysis/rebuild showed severe dust and grit penetration of the rear exposed bearings, with no penetration of the motor or transmission internals. the stock bearing shields are painted/coated, which fouls the bearing even without external contaminants. since there is no penetration of the internals, the bearing shields have been removed and white lithium grease added to lubricate the gear teeth. the external bearings will remain in use with regular servicing until failure.

    due to it being like driving on the moon, local baseball field testing is indefinitely suspended.

    having hit several milestones, confidence remains high. during this rebuild, i have upgraded to bleeder shock caps and tungsten carbide diff balls, and arrived at a useable wiring solution. the car is now ready to accumulate some miles on a race track!



    what’s next:

    i’m looking to hit the track this saturday, unless it’s going to be screaming hot outside. doors open at 10, racing starts at 1. solo track time isn’t going to happen on a weekend, although sundays are all open practice. this will be a baptism by fire, and CRaP will be better off for it.

    sunday is race day, saturday is open practice. that makes things a million times better for me to have 1 full track day completed before entering a formal race. not only do i need the time at the wheel, but now i can make it the most productive test session possible.



    How quick does that thing go? Where are you racing?



    How quick does that thing go? Where are you racing?

    acceleration like lightning, but 4wd’s and touring cars are much quicker still. the top speed as-built is about 40 mph, but you won’t see that without a huge track. it peaks at 1/3 horsepower and weighs roughly 1.5 kilos.

    i’ll be racing at r/c excitement in mass. on their indoor hard clay. the outdoor has much more room to move, but it’s a dustbowl unless prepped for an event.

    a good race looks like this:

    this one is a classic, and called by john hindhaugh


    How much $$$ to put my goldfish image on the car?



    How much $$$ to put my goldfish image on the car?

    1 billion dollars over 4 years



    @f1yankee Oh come on, surely you could cut @magnificent-geoffrey some kind of deal!



    things went pretty well at the track today :D LOTS of horrible crashes, but i’m ok! the car took an absolute hammering. several times i thought “oh boy, that’s a car-breaker. good job” and it’s still fine! (to be confirmed in the CRaP labs)



    Keep us updated about CRaP, another great series if you have the time+money is Formula Student.



    i’ve just got back from my 2nd track day. i left right after hungary qualifying this morning, at least 1 hour each way. i am wiped out and awfully dirty.

    CRaP is quite pleased with the productivity in this test session, including:
    – driver development is on schedule ( i’m less terrible with every lap :P )
    – battery management is nearly out of the break-in phase
    – car reliability remains high, despite suffering a not-uncommon broken A-arm which i ran with for the rest of the day. “Like a boss” as the kids say :D
    – experimenting with balast and braking adjustments
    – establishing contact with an expert paint/body man
    – establishing contact with a national team racer, who after a quiz on racing and car set-up theory (ha!) gave my car a thumbs up.

    in addition to the usual tear-down and inspection, this maintenance cycle will include:
    – repair of the rear wing (if it wins, it’s beautiful, right?)
    – replacement of rear tires, same model and compound

    goals for the next track session:
    – crash less!
    – continue building CRaP’s knowledge base internally and, ahem, externally (wink wink, nudge nudge)



    CRaP is delighted to confirm another excellent day at the track! :D

    they have very recently re-done the indoor track, i think it’s quarterly. the new layout is very twisty with less jumps and a decent bit of elevation change. it’s also super loose, even on the racing line – forget about charging hard into turn 1! although i would prefer a wide open track and not a broom closet, this layout is fun and certainly easier on the car.

    this was my first attempt at an independent tuning of the car, similar to proven setups but significantly different from stock. my lifetime of watching car races is finally paying off! on the very low grip surface i ran a quite low roll center and soft springs + damping front and rear, max wheelbase, max rear weight and max wing. i’m especially pleased with my f1-inspired front geometry, and i’m going to explore more camber and camber gain. a big bearing upgrade was installed which should be better in every conceivable way, and i’m trying a silicone spray, bringing total number of lubricants from 5 to 3. the batteries have completed break-in and now get the full charge/discharge cycle.

    in compliment to proven hardware-based techniques, CRaP will soon be utilizing software-based solutions. fortunately, there is an affordable option that performs as advertised. unfortunately, my chassis is not available to download and i will have to build from scratch.

    not only is the car coming along, but my driving and racecraft are progressing as well. as a super bonus, i was 1st at the track today and got 1 hour of private time with the dirt. when people started drifting in, i already had my eye and was able to pick off other cars somewhat cleanly. my very best effort was attempting to hang on to the back of 1 of the expert kids for a bit – once, i gave him “the full maldonado” :P



    my first official race is in the books! 9th out of 12, after qualifying at the back. not too glorious, but like the song says “it’s a long way to the top if you want to rock and roll”. my best lap was 24 seconds, a gigantic 4 seconds off tonight’s pace. i’m amazed at the confidence and accuracy of their apexes!

    *caution: driver’s excuse ahead*
    the place was packed tonight, 5 classes worth. there were some very quick guys in the crowd, some team drivers and a couple industry people. unfortunately, i was caught out by the rapid change in track conditions. i went with a very high roll center and forward balance, expecting a surface as loose as my last trip. initially i was very pleased with it, but the track got cleaned before the mains. the fresh surface was great and i chose not to make major alterations willy-nilly. i’ll have 2 full setups next time.



    i hit the track again yesterday. i’m starting to feel like i’m hustling the car around the track instead of hanging on for dear life. my average was 23 seconds, with a best of 22.5 – 2.5 seconds off the pace. i’m gaining control and, critically, consistency. key to my new form was discovery of these things called “brakes”, they’re good! :D

    did i mention i’m having an absolute blast? i even found myself about to put up hot laps just to blow it in the last corner or run into traffic, just like our heroes. “you’re more than welcome to that apex – WHACK! – once i’m done with it!” :)



    This is one of the things I would spend time with if I was not busy procrastinating the things I promissed to get done before embarking on anything new.
    Sounds so fun!

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