I don't like Cricket I LOVE IT. ASHES 2010

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    So, we we’re 1-0 up having dominaited every single session since Hussey’s wicket fell in Brisbane, an then Mitchell Johnson started inswinging the ball having made a crisp 60. Still we went to bed satisfied that all was good.


    Great aussie victory at the Wacca later and the Sydney test could could an absoulte cracker, whose staying up for it? Whose been watching it, what do youthink of the series so far etc.




    I can’t wait for the boxing day test! The Melbourne Cricket Ground is capable of over 100 000 spectators, and they’re expecting 90 000. This will be epic! :)


    Stephen Jones

    its gonna be awesome! if anyones going down on day 2 give me a yell.



    I think England will wrap it up in front of this record crowd. Australia played well in the third test but they had a big advantage in that the only two people familiar with playing on the idiosyncratic nature of the field were both Australian.

    I think it will be pretty close in the first three days but someone will make a good innings/take a few wickets and the match will follow on from there.



    Well the Aussies are trying to get the pitch at Melbourne like the one at the Wacca but I dont think it will do much good. Its too moist around Melbourne to make a hard bouncy pitch like the one at the Wacca.

    Im still super confident England will retain the ashes although I have a feeling that Ponting will score big this test. He loves it at Melbourne and it would be typical Ponting scoring big after almost missing the match with an injury. Cant wait


    Prisoner Monkeys

    I can’t stand cricket. I’ve never understood the point of it. It’s about as entertaining as watching paint dry.


    Stephen Jones

    well its looking pretty close after day 1…




    I fell asleep shortly after after my stream went down at lunch and missed the whole afternoon session. Gutted I missed all the fun, but its so so nice to see the Aussies take such a pounding, I knew Perth was just a blip. For the first time in nearly a quarter century the ashes are coming back home after a tour down under.

    Also apparently Andrew Strauss is being appointed Australia’s new Fire Safety Chief, they’ve never seen 90,000 Australians evacuate a building so quickly


    Stephen Jones

    pretty average day. The best part was when the mexican wave was going. Siddle was in the outfield, and he joined in and threw his arms up. meanwhile Andy Bell slogged it all the way back down to fineleg.. siddle paniced, dropped his arms, ran about 25 metres and took a massive catch. it was a bloody pisser.

    and its fair.. we have to let the poms actually win something every 3 decades or so =P


    Ned Flanders


    Glad to see we’re winning, but I still struggle to get excited about 5 day events which take place while I’m asleep and besides aren’t on terrestrial TV anyway



    SO, quite a day really, in terms of batting this shows the differance between the two sides, Australia have Lord Hussey as their rock, with Watson and Haddin supporting. Watson good but no game changer, Haddins fantastic but throws it away when he gets in, Hussey is Mr Cricket and has only failed once this series, but when he did, Aus whent all out for 98. Also the tail might wag

    England on the other hand currently have 5 top batsmen in good nick, two out of touch but one of thems on 75, and he’s Matt Prior so clearly it’s his wicket keeping thats important. And Collingwood? Guy could just be too old, firefighter with no fires to fight, shouldn’t be batting above Bell, those catches are still absoulutley great but we have Eoin Morgan to start blooding in to tests, an if we want no.1. Another class batsmen is needed. Anyway, Englands top order contains seven centurions, so can take a number of cheap wickets, unlike Australia, who seem to have only three working batsmen.

    Aberation of Perth aside when we had 7 wallys I’d say it’s the batting thats really made the differance this series. Two disciplined bowling attacks, except the conditions don’t suit England, an the Aussies are generally clearing up after the tripe their batsmens left them, apart from that, it’s simply been Englands batting, an the preassures of specific match situations that see the England attack taking the wickets when needed. Oh an England feild mutch better, that I think we can all agree on.



    England looking good for an innings victory at this stage. This team looks a lot more purposeful and capable than the ones previously touring Oz. If they can stretch the lead to 600+ then the Aussies will need some natural calamity to stop the Brits. Ironic, that Ponting, the man at the helm of Australia’s dominant era, is about to lose the Ashes for the third time.



    I can’t stand cricket. I’ve never understood the point of it. It’s about as entertaining as watching paint dry

    I don’t hate cricket, and I do follow it, but it is very dull at times. How can a game go on for 5 whole days and still be a draw?


    sbl on tour

    go aussie go,,,,,, right back to pavillion

    feel a bit sorry for ponting as he seems a decent bloke



    The Ashes were over before they began, the Aussie team is to England as Toro Rosso is to Redbull. This what happens when you hang on to has beens and let politics influence the selections.

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