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    Watch Josh Hill documentary “No pressure”

    Josh is the third generation of Hill to get behind the wheel of a racing car with the determination to turn himself from a challenger to a winner.

    Five Formula 1 champions have seen their sons enter the sport. However, the Hill family is the only one to have produced father and son title-winners since the championship began in 1950.

    Josh’s father, Damon, won the 1996 Formula 1 World Championship. Josh’s grandfather, Graham, was twice Formula 1 World Champion and the only driver in history to win the Triple Crown of Motorsport, adding the 24 Hours of Le Mans and the Indianapolis 500 to his 1962 and 1968 F1 victories.

    (sorry, can’t attach video right here)



    Really enjoyed that. I’ve seen him a bit in Formula Renault this year whilst watching BTCC coverage, but does anyone know why his car is blue whilst his teammates’ are the normal Manor colours?



    *puts on film snob cap*
    It lagged a bit in places and certainly could have used some tightening up during Josh’s dialogue. His way of speaking makes you want to ask him to get on with it at times.

    *replaces with race nerd cap*
    GO JOSH! I remember some of my very first exposure to F1 as a kid was after Damon won the championship in ’96, so naturally, I’ve since had a soft spot for the Hills. Really, really hope he continues to climb and can eventually make it to F1!



    I watched this the other night and I quite enjoyed it. I really hope he makes it, but only if he’s good. I don’t want to see him in F1 simply because he’s a Hill, but if he’s as good as the documentary makes him out to be, it would be so cool to have him in F1. He seems a really nice kid too.



    Funny story about Josh. My college were testing our Formula Fords at Rockingham a few weeks ago the same day a load of Formula Renaults were testing, there might’ve been a race that weekend with them in or something.

    Our cars were on at the same time as the Renaults and our 14 year old Ford with no wings is quite a bit slower and our driver, Martin Byford who raced the Golf for half the season in the BTCC this year, got cut up by Josh going into the first corner. Getting out of the car he said “I just gave the finger to a world champions son!”

    I hope the kid does good though, it’d be great if a third generation Hill got into a good seat in F1, I’ll watch the documentary later on too.


    Prisoner Monkeys

    Josh Hill is competing in the Toyota Racing Series – a New Zealand-based open-wheel category (it might sound like an odd choice, but the season ends before the European championships begin, so it’s a nice way to fill in the winter off-season) – this year, and he won the first race at Teretonga this weekend:



    Interesting. I never saw Damon race, so if Josh makes it that would be cool.

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