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    Well as the title says… I just wanted to start this thread so that maybe we all can share some videos… Mine are all at amateur level but it jst shows my passion for racing in general… Hope you guys enjoy them and I hope i can get some good comments.



    Oh… by the way…. I started on pole… blue suit and blue/white helmet… right side of track…

    Sometimes second feels getter than first!!!



    Not sure if trololo…



    …or just the most arrogant person in the world.



    How quickly do those things go? I know it’s just amateur racing, but they seem pretty slow.



    @joey-zyla Why would you say something like that dude? Not trolling at all… just wanted to share. If you have nothing good to say… zip it man! geez…

    @brazil2007 Well they ARE slow… they only have a 9hphonda engine dude! lol…. At most… they go up to 40 some kp/h…. but like I said… it´s totally at amateur level… I just wanted to share because in some of my vids, I make some excellent passes and in some… well…. lets say some didn´t go as planned…. like in this video… I´m number 12….



    @catracho504 Thanks for proving that you’re a troll. Now I know. Before I was just questioning, but only a troll reacts like that.



    @joey-zyla whatever dude…… if there´s a troll in here….. you definitely are acting like one…



    @keithcollantine seems we have a troll…. just wanted to share some vids and comments and @joey-zyla is acting like one….. I really don´t understand the criteria in here… Some of my comments get moderated, some dont but, it´s ok for some “tool” to have a go at me?



    I’m laughing so hard right now. There are two kinds of trolls. The ones who succeed, and the ones who fail. The ones who succeed are those who can make people rage. The ones who fail are those like you who provide that perfect dose of Cotton Comedy in a Can. Ya dig? If ya don’t dig, feel free to try driving to Australia. I’m sure I could accommodate for that.




    Quite ironic that you want me banned yet you’re the one you started the insults. Congrats.



    @joey-zyla @catracho504 Why don’t we all calm down here? How about we agree that nobody’s a troll, and this was just a misunderstanding?

    Anyways, I wasn’t taking a dig at the racing by saying the karts seemed slow. It looks like some great racing anyways.



    @brazil2007 Okay. I like CCiaC though. And I’ve driven karts at 48 kp/h. Vroom!




    I wasn’t taking a dig at the racing by saying the karts seemed slow

    I honest to God, did notfeel you where taking a go at me with your comment…. I know they are slow…. but that is what makes it much more interesting… That category is for 90+ kg and so you really have to work for poles, wins, etc… at the end of the day… the racing is what gets me, even if it is slow… maybe this is more to the likes of some…. that is me in the CRX about 5 or 6 years ago.



    @joey-zyla The only thing I can find after looking up CCiaC is Calgary Canadian Irish Athletic Club, which is presumably not what you’re referring to.

    I’ve driven karts over 48km/h :P

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