Le Mans 2011

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    Ok, F1 has the Monaco GP, the circle loving americans have the Indy 500, and then we have the other Golden motorsports event thats coming up…

    …Le Mans!!

    Who watches Le Mans? i think its great, the cars are looking awsome this year ( the R18 looks like it will eat you if you touch it) the competition looks close aswell, so give me your thoghts on this years competition.

    Who do you reckon will win it, i’m gonna say Peugeot.



    Prior to the Spa 1000km race, I would have picked Audi to win Le Mans. But now I’m not so sure. The Peugeot and Audi look evenly matched. Much closer than I thought they would be. Should be a great fight at Le Mans.

    As for the GT class, I’m hoping for a win from one of the 458’s. They’ve looked strong at testing and at Spa over the weekend.


    sbl on tour

    think this will be more exciting than watching another vettel walkover!


    Ned Flanders

    I may have imagined this, but I recall hearing or reading somewhere yesterday that a ticket for Le Mans is only 60, which includes a camping spot. That seems incredible, almost too good to be true!



    I will be at Le Mans this year. Can’t wait.

    @ Ned – you want value? Take a look at the le mans series tickets for silverstone in September. I’m thinking of going – 30 for the weekend! Its not 24 hours but you still get racing like this…



    @ Ned – I think they mentioned it in practice 1 or 2.



    The R18 looks mean, just really mean. I think tis that wrap-around windscreen or something. But they just couldnt hold the Peugeots at bay in Spa for pace, but Le Man is a lot longer running then Spa 1000k and the 908 was quicker at Le Man last year. But its all for nothing if the cars cant finish the race.

    I like Le Man, I try to watch as mucn as i can (working the saturday this year though :( so missing the start). I think the cars that race there have been (historically) some of the prettiest racing cars of all time!



    I’m not the greatest fan of tin-tops or endurance racing, but I wish I’d known about the low prices for the main event earlier this year when the air fares would have been cheap too!


    Ned Flanders

    A F1 Fanatic meet up for the 2012 Le Mans 24 hours has to happen! I really want to go now.


    sbl on tour

    I did Le Mans in 1997, got 25 minutes sleep in the 24 hours, went to places I shouldnt of and had an absolutely beezer time, might go next year but that depends on what Olympic tickets I get!!!



    Well, let’s see how much of the 24 hours is covered by Eurosport. Anyway, I really hope for a Peugeot win.



    Does any network cover it online?


    Keith Collantine

    Looking forward to seeing it.

    Really regret not going when I had a chance in 2009 as Canada was off the calendar.

    It’s a fond but vain hope of mine that FOM and the FIA might one day stop scheduling F1 races alongside the Le Mans 24 Hours and Indy 500 weekends.



    I’ve been meaning to organise a trip to Le Mans for the past couple of years now, but have never got around to it. Fingers crossed that I can go for the weekend in 2012.

    I’ll definately have to give the 6 hours of Silverstone a go though. Already seeing the GT1 cars there in 3 weeks, would be excellent to see the LMP’s there too.



    I’ve been following F1 and all sorts of racing events for the past 40 years in Europe and the U.S. I’ve been eight times to Le Mans, the first time in 1972, the last in 2007. It’s the greatest race in the world, period. Nothing beats it. Can’t make it this year but I will go next year. But it doesn’t come cheap. If you’re lucky enough to find a camping spot, the food is outrageously expensive (and unbelievably bad) and you’re stuck in there for 30 hours !!!

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