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    Seems Rossi will be back for the next round. I doubt he’ll be competitive straight away but then again it is Rossi…

    Predictions? Who do you support? Do you think Rossi really will leave Yamaha at the end of the season? What about Stoner’s decision to go to Honda?

    I’ve not been watching that long. I started watching more and more last year but it’s the riders who I like more than the two wheeled vehicles. I do appreciate the element of danger they have though. I did support Jorge and still do but more a Rossi fan these days. I can’t warm to Stoner at all.

    I can’t wait for Rossi to be back up to speed and to watch him and Jorge fight it out again.


    Ned Flanders

    2010 has been a dud year for Moto GP. Rossi has been missing, Lorenzo has dominated the races, and there have been far fewer interesting battles than usual. Worst of all, the field is ridiculously tiny. There are only about 16 bikes starting each race- that would be low for car racing, but bikes are tiny in comparison and the tracks just look empty. If Rossi leaves (unlikely any time soon as he’s just signed for Ducati) then Moto GP is really going to struggle to survive



    MotoGP may be dull an small at the mo, an Pedrosa my favourite rider not being super fantastic at the moment doesn’t help. However even if MotoGP is struggling, the Moto2 and 125cc championships are both awesome this year, some insanley good racing, massive grids, exciting almost all the time, real characters in all the top positions.

    The thing about motorcycle racing being, what the front guys are doing is always the center of attention. While the grids are tiny, the guys at the back get zero screen time, making unattractive for new teams to even bother, I mean the racing is generally sublime, although as you say, not great this year, but it’s so front focused. It’s fine for cheaper lower catagories, but financially ridiculous in the main series, effectivley 2wheeled f1, with the costs to proove it.

    However the great thing about the series, if one championship race comes up dud, one of the other two is gonna be awesome. An go Bradley Smith in the 125’s!



    Well it’s rossi and he’s missing big time!

    He could be well up there, maybe not for victory but I can see him fight for a top5. And winning in a few races time, by Brno.




    – Rossi has moved to Ducati next year.

    – Ducati are the MOTO GP equivalent of Ferrari.

    – Ties between the two see Rossi at Ferrari in the futre.

    Now hows that for a conspiracy?


    Ned Flanders

    Not that wacky, Macca; like you say Ducati are effectively the Ferrari of motorbikes, and they are clearly well connected- they have that skiing event together every winter, they share some sponsors etc. Certainly expect to see Rossi testing again for Ferrari



    2 out of 3, Macca. Rossi will move to Ducati. Fiat will move with him. Rossi + Fiat + Ducati + Telecom Italia (team sponsor) = Italian marketer’s dream! Good pal Hayden will be his teammate. No doubt, though, Ducati will try to lure Dovizioso to create an all-Italian team by 2012.

    Ben Spies will move up alongside Jorge Lorenzo at Yamaha.

    Stoner joins Pedrosa and Dovi on a 3rd bike at Honda.



    Would be exciting for Rossi to move to Ducati. And it’s looking more likely so.

    Being the first to win the top category with 3 different teams would be a big feat, fitting for the champion that Rossi is.


    Dan Thorn

    I started watching when I caught the end of THAT race between Rossi and Gibernau at Jerez in 2005. How could I not have got hooked? As a result I’ve always liked Rossi, but I generally support Melandri and de Puniet (Elias too). Also quite like Pedrosa and Dovizioso and I can’t stand Lorenzo. Never used to like Stoner either but I don’t mind him so much anymore. Hayden simply amuses me.

    It’ll take a while for Rossi to get back up to full speed. Remember before the crash he was riding with a comparitively small shoulder injury and he wasn’t as quick as normal. This season has been pretty dull though – For me the only excitement has been watching Randy de Puniet’s spirited defense as he slips back down the field.



    Grid too small with most teams also-rans? I propose three-bike teams for next year ;-)

    Looks like it’s Lorenzo’s year to lose, though it would be fun to see Rossi make a comeback I doubt it’ll happen. But I can’t see him staying at Yamaha, especialy as they asked him to take a pay cut at the same time as raising Lorenzo’s salary.

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