MotoGP, is it really that good?

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    Ok i’ve been a on off viewer of MotoGP for a couple of years, never really took any notice of it. Never really interested but provided something to watch other than Songs of Praise. Now I watched the race in Qatar earlier today and was completely underwhelmed. The race was a bit of a bore and even the commentators sounded bored and were trying to drum up some imaginary action by staring at a graphic pointing out the quickness of the Honda’s gear change.

    The race mainly involved the 2 Honda’s swapping places twice and Pedrosa losing out to Lorenzo with no way back at him. After about Lap 10 I wanted to switch off, now don’t get me wrong i’ll watch any racing if there are good battles but this was terrible. If the Honda didn’t have so much straight line speed the race would’ve been very stagnant (Or more so than it already was).

    But what do other fellow race fans think of it? Does it interest you? Do you get bored? And what do you think of the racing in general?



    Lorenzo is on a Yamaha I believe. But yeah, I can’t watch Moto Gp, Its just to boring. The moves look effortless, and theres none of the excitement of car racing. I watched the race in Qatar for about 10 minutes before realizing the crash-fest is going on at Bristol and switched channels. I Switched channels to watch NASCAR!!! But maybe its just because I’m not a big fan of bikes, maybe Moto Gp fans look at F1 and think like I do of Moto Gp.



    It’s actually OK, by far the best thing on Freeview this evening – maybe their desert race in Qatar is just our Bahrain borefest – because it’s usually better than that.

    Stoner was always going to win though, he’s phenomenal at that circuit – I’m hoping for a repeat of 2007!!(That’s Stoner for the Championship, for non-viewers)



    Lorenzo is on a Yamaha I believe.

    Was that a correction? I know he is, I just meant once he split the 2 Honda’s that was it.



    I watched the Qatar race as well, and switched off after 20 minutes. The first 5 mins were okay, but after that nothing happened. I won’t be bothering with it again.



    “The race mainly involved the 2 Honda’s swapping places twice and Pedrosa losing out to Lorenzo with no way back at him.”

    Sorry, after saying this, It looked like Pedrosa rode a Honda, and so did Lorenzo. It was just your way of putting it that made it seem like Lorenzo was also riding a Honda.


    Stephen Jones

    you guys missed out on the V8’s at the clipsal 500.. awesome race! it was wet, then dry.. the front guys had a massive duel.. and at one point there was a freight train of 7 cars at the front of the field! youtube it now!

    as for motogp.. i find its only exciting when there’s a duel on at the front.

    Google Rossi v Gibernau

    Rossi v Stoner

    Rossi v Lorenzo

    Rossi v everyone actually!

    i respect the riders a huge amount! but it still doesn’t bring great racing



    I do like it next to F1.But still couldn’t watch a full season.



    Any race except Qatar is good. Last season was good but only when Rossi came back, it was just Lorenzo constantly winning.



    What i’ve seen of it doesn’t do a fat lot for me but no doubt i’ll give it a fair shot at some point.



    MotoGP races can be pretty tedious, there is a lot of field spread and you need 2-3 rides going for it at the front to keep it interesting.

    I much prefer watching Moto2 becasue those guys literally knock lumps out of each other from lights to flag, with 6-7 way battles for the lead not being uncommon!


    Ned Flanders

    To be fair, judging Moto GP on Qatar is like judging F1 on Bahrain or Abu Dhabi. Soulless facilities, boring layout, next to fans… wait for the races at Mugello/ Barcelona/ Laguna Seca etc before you come to a judgement. Have a look on YouTube for some of the best action- Catalunya 2009, where the lead changed several time over the past couple of laps, is a good place to start:

    One of the problems for me is how thin the field is. There are only 16 bikes at the moment I believe, and that just isn’t enough- often every single finisher scores points! Also, a handful of thin bikes simply look lost in swathes of tarmac at wide circuits like Malaysia and Qatar. Hopefully they’ll be able to bolster the field a bit in the coming years



    Sometimes it’s the amount of overtaking that puts me off, it just seems ridiculously easy. I know it might seem a bit rich an F1 fan complaining about too much overtaking when our sport has none, but bike racing is a bore-fest for me – there’s no defending an overtake if the guy behind is faster. Doesn’t make for exciting racing.



    You should consider watching more races, you’re not going to truly appreciate Moto GP by watching the Qatar GP. You should also watch the following battles:

    Stoner vs. Rossi USA 2008

    Lorenzo vs. Rossi Catalunya 2009

    I’ve been watching Moto GP since 2008, but I’m sure others can suggest battles from pre 2008.



    Nothing happened in Qatar, but so did in Bahrain in 2010 (F1), but you don’t say F1 is boring. There have been spectacular races in MotoGP, like Rossi’s and Lorenzo’s duels in Barcelona and Motegi in 2010. Even so, the races are a lot shorter than F1 races and I think if there were 50 laps the races would be dull, because no one can drive competitively for so long and duels can’t last forever. So there are nice duels, frequent and beautiful, but I still prefer F1, maybe because caring more about it I notice every single aspect and that entertains me.

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