Betting wins and losses

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    Original topic title: My friendly bet – Kimi vs Schumacher

    At the start of ever year me and a mate have a bet against one another on something F1 related. This year we decided to have a quid a race on kimi vs schumacher on who finished higher. Currently im £18 up, my mate has recently worked out if this had been an accumulator every race with both drivers at even odds, the odds would have been over a million/1 for the full season. Still i will be happy with my £20 if kimi can do him in the next 2 races.

    Anyone else had any wins?



    None this year as I’m generally not a betting man – though I did advise my friend to pick up evens (1/1) on Vettel bagging a 3rd straight title.

    But I am also a somewhat superstitious man – and I “hedge” myself against karma. Always. As such I take whoever I make most fun of the year before and bet on them to take the WDC.

    Now here comes the fun part. In 2008, when I was supporting Lewis Hamilton (by proxy – I didn’t actually support Lewis, I supported McLaren’s number 1 – if that makes sense) I had a friend – a Button die-hard. I gave him hell over how Button had scored something like 3 and 6 points, respectively in 2007/2008.

    Then near December 2008 it struck me that karma could bite me back – painfully.

    I hadn’t been following too much of the winter 08/09 F1 news, and didn’t realize Honda was pulling out. I bought a slip on Button. With Honda pulling out, and Button seemingly unlikely to have a 2009 drive, Button was selling at something like 5000/1. I put 50 quid on him to win the 2009 title.

    The rest, as they say… is history.



    @raymondu999 lol, did you seriously win such a large sum?



    @freelittlebirds Yep. Karma’s a b*tch, isn’t it? :P



    @trigger Interesting – that must be one of the fewest pairings on the grid where one always beat the other. Must be incredibly rare for a driver to get a podium in a season and not beat a certain driver at any race.

    Kimi’s consistency (only finishing outside points in Shanghai) means he’s never been beaten this year by Schumacher, Vergne, Ricciardo or anyone from the newer 3 teams. Impressive, I don’t think there’s any other driver with such record this year (or in a long time).



    @freelittlebirds Heh. I have to thank my Button-diehard friend!




    lol, I think my post was deleted:-) Well, if I had won that much money on a bet to Button or even Maldonado, I would have been carrying a Venezuelan flag everywhere I go!!!



    Interesting thread. It’s technically in the wrong section – it’s not “off topic”, as it deals with F1 – but even though I could close it and ask for it to be remade here, I’ll leave it where it is and turn it into a general conversation about members’ betting wins and losses. Hopefully that’s alright with you, @trigger.

    By the way, I’m amazed to think that @raymondu999 won a quarter of a million by betting on Button!



    Hmmm and I wonder why My thread got deleted…. Seems it wasn´t liked?



    @estesark Yep – It really softened the blow of Vettel losing the title!

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