My new favourite Channel: ITV4

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    Lucas Wilson

    With my love of F1 slowly waining I need different motorsport fixes. Eventually I stumbled into unknown territory, it turns out that dusty, couldn’t care less if it was there, ITV4.

    It turns out that ITV4 should be called Motorsport Central. It is fantastic!, every week i’m treated to Motorsport UK (a fantastic show). Motorsport UK focuses on loads of fantastic racing series (that rarely get a mention otherwise). Like Ginetta racing and Formula 4 these are ‘real’ racing. A Formula Ford race I watched on Saturday was great, no easy passes using DRS or KERS, just real driving.

    I urge you all to watch it.



    btcc of course. 11am-6pm on race sundays!


    Lucas Wilson


    I should watch that too!



    It is awesome, and to be honest the 80s police shows are just as good when there is no motorsport on. They also showed the TT and British Superbikes, while the Festival of Speed is on ITV4. It is a fantastic channel!



    I’ve started watching Channel 4 on Saturday mornings, they usually show Formula 3, British GT or VW Cup followed by Mobil 1 The Grid which although being a bit hit and miss has introduced me to a few new areas of motorsport I probably wouldn’t have paid much attention too otherwise.



    Also, you might want to try YouTube. the FIA GT Series and the Blancpain Endurance Championship broadcast all their races live on YouTube. The FIA GT Series is a pair of 1-hour races with a driver swap at the half-way mark (one on the Saturday, one on the Sunday). They have 2 rounds left this season, one at Navarra in Spain and one on a street circuit in Baku, Azerbaijan. The Blancpain Endurance Championship is a series of (usually) 3 hour races, although the Spa 24 hours and Nurburgring 1000km are standout longer events. It’s all GT3 cars raced by some of the most famous names in sportscar racing, ex multiple world rally champions, F1 drivers and Nissan GT Academy winners.

    The European GT Open and European F3 Open also broadcast live on Youtube. Similar deal to above with the GT. A 70 min race on the Saturday, 50 mins on Sunday. Jan Magnussen and Gianni Morbidelli are amongst the regulars there. The Spa round was this weekend and the Sunday race was held on a drying track, brilliant to watch. And the Saturday race was on at lunchtime, which gave a great alternative to watching F1 qualifying.

    I went to see both the GT Open and Blancpain when they visited Silverstone this year. Tickets were dirt cheap, it only took 5 minutes to get in the venue, the spectacle was great and the paddock was completely open. Great opportunities to get close to the cars, drivers and mechanics.



    I would say the WEC is the finest racing series around for anyone who has grown tired of DRS. Far more interesting cars than in F1, the drivers are just as good, no gimmicks, and best of all, being a fan doesn’t cost you a fraction as much as being an F1 fan does. All races can be found on a (free) live stream on the series’ website as well as MotorsTV and/or Eurosport, if you’re lucky enough to get those channels.

    Attending a race is also a real treat. I attended the 6 Hours of Silverstone in April – got a roving grandstand ticket along with free access to the paddock for only £30. Some seats for the grand prix cost 10 times that, and you aren’t even allowed to get close to the paddock.

    It’s a brilliant, brilliant championship and with Porsche joining in next year it’s only going to get better. There’s no shortage of star names either – there’s almost enough ex-F1 drivers racing in WEC to fill this year’s grid! So if you’re one of those people who are fed up of DRS and aren’t already watching the WEC, please do so.



    I agree with @jackysteeg that the WEC is a great alternative to F1, it’s probably the best FIA world championship at the moment. There are drivers from different championships all over the world competing together, there’s always something exciting happening either in prototypes or GTE and it gets good coverage (as long as you don’t watch Eurosport).


    Lucas Wilson

    Thanks for all the suggestions guys!



    The American Le Mans Series also streams its races on the internet for free (Not sure if it’s the case in America itself though)

    Hope it’s still the case next year when ALMS and Grand-AM “merge” next year to become United SportsCar Racing, as Grand-AM currently doesn’t do online streaming (cheers NASCAR)

    DTM also streams qualifying and races live on their youtube channel to selected countries –

    FIA European Formula Three Championship also streams all 3 races of their weekend live on their website:

    AutoGP uploads HD and commentary-less full races on their Vimeo channel –

    It just goes to show how much motorsport is freely available on many F1-less weekends!



    @jackysteeg How could I forget WEC? the races are brilliant and streamed live and free. I was at Silverstone too, won myself a grid walk and everything. An amazing weekend.

    And if you like Touring cars and GT racing, then there’s the Pirelli World Challenge, which runs as a support series to the likes of IndyCar and ALMS. Thoroughbred GT3 cars competing against more unusual and exotic GT cars, as well as two classes of touring car. Plus you can watch any of their old races on their website:

    @specialk69 And more often than not they’re all available on F1 weekends too, and even more often offer the better action.

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