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    I’m Polish, I’ve met a few Russian people in my life. None of them are homophobes, at least I think so.

    I’m not sure what your point is. Are you arguing that homophobia is an inherent part of Russian culture? That’s preposterous. Russia is more conservative, yes, doesn’t mean that it’s right for a certain group of people to be legally discriminated. It’s a matter of institutionalised homophobia that’s being criticised here. At the risk of pulling a red herring, you’re argument is analogous to claiming that South Africa’s racist laws were acceptable due to their Dutch ‘cultural heritage’.



    Why not? People who are in a minority community have a right to not be persecuted against. You don’t have a right to live your life entirely free of any form of contact with homosexuality just because it makes you feel uncomfortable.Because, I imagine Russian gays, with the culture they’ve grown up with, are perhaps OK with that. If the gays are OK with that, then I think there’s no point as the group of people for which the rules are written are all fine with it.

    Once they say they’re not OK with it, though, the rulebook needs a re-write. Admittedly, though, I’m too lazy to browse the views of Russian gays regarding the rules.



    everyone is permitted to express their opinion and behave in a manner one sees fit, whether that’s in Antarctica or Western Europe.

    Actually, no. The spread of this particular belief is one of the major problems for the atlantean civilisation (Western Europe, Northern America). Every country/nation/cultural circle has its views on how people should behave, and as long as these views are applied equally to all, there is nothing wrong with them. Respecting them is not a sign of weakness, it’s a sign of understanding the workings of a society. That’s something old-fashioned called “manners” and – as one good American writer wrote (special bonus for whoever can guess his name) – loss of manners is a sure sign of society in decline. Above all, you are expected to respect local custom when you go somewhere.
    A working society is a matter of give-and-take, there are no rights without obligations, which is something too often forgotten. We now live in a society where “Children’s rights charter” hangs on the wall at every classroom, but many teachers are actually scared to go to work.

    Re: Russia and gays in general. I live in the Central Europe and in the past decade or so I have witnessed a veritable attack by a (part of) gay community on society. I can see where this stems from, it is not easy to be a gay (especially in a post-communist country) and a more tolerant society would be nice, but a certain very vocal group chose a very strange way to go about it. This attack is not easy to counter, as they use the “human rights” umbrella very effectively. It is too strong even for the taste of a substantial part of the gay community (incidentally, one of my relatives is gay, so I get some insight here). It’s one thing to want to be respected as a human being, and it’s another thing to openly attack people’s sensibilities. To see that some things go too far, entertain a little switch: Imagine a bunch of heterosexuals, half naked, walking the main street wearing signs like “I love doing it from behind” or “My tongue is the king”. What would you think of them? Would you like your small children witnessing this? In short, a large part of society feels itself threatened, more so in Russia that has never been a very liberal country. The law discussed above is a direct consequence of that fear, a backslash. It’s a simple case of pushing too hard, sometimes is does more harm than good. I strongly suspect that the international pressure in this direction is only going to make it harder for local gays there.



    Wow, this is all a bit deep for F1 fanatic !

    Personally, i don’t really care about this whole “we are russian so gays are bad” thing. Like, if the athletes start shagging each other on the podium I do see a problem, but if it was a man and a woman , or a man and another man, it would be a problem, not just if it was homosexuals.

    An exception to this would be lesbians. Cos everyone likes lesbians, I bet even Vladimir Putin likes a bit of girl on girl on redtube !



    @prisoner-monkeys Russia doesn’t agree with homosexuality and so doesn’t give it any respect, so surely if you detest that way of thinking you object to the blatant bigotry of the Russian anti LGBT laws?

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