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    Seeing as how good we have become at making up conspiracy theories for events inside F1 I would see how good we can add a twist to some non F1 related events. (That means no more Red Bull driver switch scenarios).

    Looking forward to Prisoner Monkeys injections, don’t let us down eh?


    Prisoner Monkeys

    What sort of conspiracy theories that you want? Like HAARP, the High Altitude Auroral Research Project is actually a top-secret non-lethal weapon where aeroplanes spray chemical trails over a target area and then HAARP uses sub-sonic frequencies to make the the molecules in the chemtrails vibrate and explode in a series of sonic boombs designed to disorient or incapacitate the enemy?

    Or that the Call of Duty series of video games is actually commissioned by the army as a way of desensitising youth to the horrors of war, meaning that F1 2010 was commissioned by Ferrari to desensitise youth to the fact that Fernando is faster than you?




    That is a message of pure epicness PM, and I actually think that the CoD one may be true xd



    0.o woah, that was weird

    (Slow down, you move too fast xD)



    Brilliant bit about Fernando PrisonerMonkeys!

    The planes that hit the twin towers were not Boeing’s. They were actually massive missiles decorated like planes.


    Red Andy

    Evolution is a lie, man never landed on the Moon and Barack Obama is a secret Kenyan Muslim.

    Also David Icke was right, and Max Mosley is really a lizard in disguise.



    The 2010 F1 season is actaully fake and being filmed on a movie set in New Mexico



    The internets are going to go crazy if Mark has an engine failure on Sunday

    If I were Red Bull I would do what I can to prevent that from happening (unless, of course, they actually set out to make it happen)


    You know how you never see ‘Steph90’ and ‘Steph’ in the same place…

    …I’m just saying.


    Stephen Jones

    Red Bull will actually give you wings..

    The plan to win the championship is to sell more drinks containing gene alterer’s, which will give the drinker scales and wings.. effectively turning them into giant lizards..

    Webber and Vettel are going along with the plan with the understanding that they will both be made into super lizards..

    unfortunately, Webber will get his front scale section taken off, and given to vettel half way through the year.


    Prisoner Monkeys

    Brilliant bit about Fernando PrisonerMonkeys!

    Thanks, but I’m not convinced it’s true – one of my friends has the game and reports that while Petrov drives like Alonso, Alonso drives like Petrov.


    Cappo Mark

    Call of Duty series no but the medal of honour games are used to prepare task forces. FACT!! and well documented.

    Your theory on the COD games could be true. It actually makes a lot of sense although nothing like real battle so how it would work I don’t know.



    Alonso is planning world domination, but the world will turn into two factions, the Hamiltons, who stand up to him, and the Massas who let him get on with it.

    (My video game idea lol)


    Prisoner Monkeys

    Latest concpiracy theory: Narain Karthikeyan was voed the most popular driver in the NASCAR trucks series in 2010, despite oly doing about a third of the events. Bernie Ecclestone saw this, and conspired to steal him away from NASCAR.



    Bernie Ecclestone is actually Elvis.

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