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    Same here with WRC, hope they can become again what it was a decade ago.

    MotoGP has Rossi back this week, so let’s hope it get’s more exciting again!


    Prisoner Monkeys

    V8 Supercars and MotoGP are the only other series I get. I don’t watch MotoGP because the idiots commentate the entire thing (oddly, they don’t have a hard-on for Casey Stoner the way they do Mark Webber, but they’re still rubbish) and I don’t get very good reception for the channel that broadcasts V8 Supercars, so I almost never watch it. But when I do watch the V8s, it’s Dick Johnson Racing and James Courtney that I support. I used to follow Triple Eight as well, but then they defected. There’s a kind of poetry in the way Simon McNamara spent four million dollars securing Whincup and Lowndes at Holden and they’re being beated by the Fords.



    I didn’t know that GP2 was being shown on Eurosport. Here in Australia we get the Eurosport International feed, but sadly they don’t show it.

    But I do get to watch the F1 and MOTO GP live on ONE HD, the V8 Supercars live on Seven, the NASCAR, GT1, World Superbikes, Red Bull Air Race and Speedway GP live on Fox Sport the Indy Cars live on ESPN and the WSBR, BTCC, WTCC, F2 and F3 live on Eurosport.



    @Prisoner Monkeys – the people you are talking about no longer commentate on the MOTO GP, we now get the world feed.



    Superleague Formula (except for using Michelin tyres it’s perfect!) and I support Liverpool FC/James Walker (when I watched football back in 1996 I supported Liverpool so it’s nice to support them again). Also support any of the other British drivers.

    Moto GP, although I’m not the biggest bike fan, but with the lack of Brits I support Casey Stoner, Nicky Hayden, Valentino Rossi and Ben Spies (plus am fond of Dani Pedrosa).

    BTCC where I’m a Plato fan but with all the field being British I don’t mind if anyone wins!



    MotoGP – Rossi, Stoner, Pedrosa. I’m not as addicted to it as I am to F1 yet, but I am starting to love it. Definitely want to go to a MotoGP race before Rossi retires.

    GP2 – No real favourites, but I do like Bianchi.

    WRC – Loeb. Only watch it occasionally.

    One motorsport I’ve never been able to get into though is NASCAR.. it doesn’t do anything for me.



    Can anyone see a theme here.

    They’re all Kiwis?

    I don’t really follow any other racing series, mainly because I don’t have access to any coverage. I’m not really a Rossi fan but there’s no-one else I’d like to win more so he’s there by default. WRC I lost interest in after Burns, McRae, Sainz and Makkinen were gone.



    No, there all Aussies



    I know. I also know how you feel about each other ;-)



    Oh, got it.


    Oscar Becker

    Motogp V.Rossi, D.Pedrosa, C.Stoner

    GP2 M.Ericsson

    Speedway (World Championship) J.Crump, A.Jonsson, N.Pedersen

    STCC T.Bjrk, R.Gransson



    Here are my 2012 favourites:

    WTCC – Tom Coronel, Gabriele Tarquini
    WEC – Loic Duval
    WsbR – Richie Stanaway
    DTM – Gary Paffett
    IRC – Andreas Mikkelsen



    Indy Car – Franchitti and now Rubens.
    MotoGP – Rossi
    GT1 – Hexis Aston Martin
    Aussie V8’s – Team Vodafone, Whincup & Lowndes
    DTM – Paffett

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