Post race Brazil 2008

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    I was wondering if anyone around here had footage of the press conference post race Brazil 2008. I have been searching on and off for a while and can’t find it anywhere.



    One thing I remember after Brazil 2008 was (as well as being ecstatic that Hamilton had won the title) feeling sympathetic to a downbeat Jenson Button, who’s car was on fire in parc ferme, about how he would never get a chance to win a championship. Little did I know what Honda had in the works at the time for the following year, the car that ultimately ran under the Brawn GP name…



    Surprised I can’t find anything. Just timo glock and Lewis. No Massa, Jenson or anyone else.



    That is somewhat surprising. Have you checked the official year-end videos? I seem to recall some stuff in that.

    That race was one that I will never forget. I had become a Massa fan in 2007 and could not believe the end of that race. The look on Massa’s dad’s face both after he thought Felipe won it all and then when he realized that he hadn’t. Ugh. What an end.

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