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    Stupid blooming PSN been down for over 3 weeks now! Anybody else having withdrawal symptoms? I’m seriously considering getting an XBOX!



    I already renewed my XBL last week. I will most likely go back to my PS3 though once it’s all fixed.



    I’ve been Ok without PSN, seeing how PSN will be back up soon, I wouldn’t get an XBOX now. XBOX Live isn’t exactly immune to going down either, it went down for a few weeks last Christmas.



    Didn’t realise the service was still down, i dont own a PS3 anymore but i’m a little concerned they had my details at some stage…


    Ned Flanders

    Safety in numbers. If they’ve stolen the details of 100 million people, you’d be pretty unlucky if they chose to steal from your account!



    @slr – Not quite, the only unplanned time XBL was down was for around 48 hours a few Christmases ago after they didn’t quite expect so many new users to come on board.

    I rarely play my PS3 online since the XBL service is so much better, but since it’s been down I’ve had a massive urge to play some GT5 online.



    Luckily I have only got my old bank account linked to my PSN so i’m not to concerned about that, and Sony have said they are giving free DLC to all applicable PSN users (i.e those activated before the shutdown) so it’s not all bad



    Doesn’t worry me. I’ve never paid anything, so I’m not going to complain! I’ve actually enjoyed it, because it has meant I can’t get distracted by online play and I’m finally getting some games finished! :P



    GAME in the UK reported the same amount of PS3’s traded in (either for cash or an Xbox 360) in the first week of May as they saw in the whole of March. It#’s properly causing people to ditch their PS3’s.

    Luckily I use mine for PC-console video streaming and playing my DVDs/Blu-Rays, the only games I have are Little Big Planet, which gets boring after an hour, and WipeOut HD with is far inferior to the awesome F-Zero GX on the GameCube. My 360 is what gets the gaming.




    PS3 Network down for ages, It’s “a-jok(e)-,ay?” :P



    Cool, maybe I can get a cheap PS3 now and laugh when the network comes back up in a few weeks.



    We have an Xbox, 3DS and a Wii so I’m not bothered. Can’t believe the PSN has been down for so long though.

    If a network that big, in a company so big, with so many people working on it, goes down for 3 weeks you know the people who did it have serious messed it up.



    There was gaming before online multiplayer. Its called singleplayer. Its quite fun and cheaper than a new console and online service. I recommend giving it a try.


    Dan Thorn

    Doesn’t bother me at all – Been playing the Tomb Raider Collection a lot recently which doesn’t need online. Most games are perfectly playable without needing to be online and I’m not in a hurry for it to be fixed, though of course it’ll be nice when it is.

    Can’t believe people trading them in – bit of an overreaction IMO. I’ve looked at getting a 360 because I want the Kinect (and also for some of the exclusive games) but online play is a secondary factor when I consider gaming, and I’d never get rid of my PS3, because that would mean no GT5, which would be akin to being castrated.


    And besides, the conversations I’ve had with AI bots in games are far more intellectually stimulating than the ones I’ve had with real people online.

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