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    I’ve been into F1 for a couple of years, and being a swede I now also follow Marcus Ericsson in GP2.

    As I have broaden my view from F1 to other series I get more and more confused. There are so many series, and I have problems of sorting them or classify them!

    How do F2, F3, F4 and GP2, GP3 rank in terms of competitiveness? And what about all these Formula Ford, World Series by Ford etc, are they in the mix aswell?

    Just to make matters even worse; GP2 Asia, is that just a part of the regular GP2 season and if so, why bother giving it its name?

    GAAH, I need structure! :-)



    I tried to find a website that showed the differences between the different series but I could not seem to lcoate it.

    GP2 seems to be the closest in terms of performance and supports F1 at most races. Quite a lot of drivers have come from GP2 to F1 recently. GP2 Asis is not part of the regular GP2 season, it is usually held at the beginning of the season on tracks just in Asia, but this year a race took place at Imola due to the problems in Bahrain. It has a different champion to the normal GP2 season, although this year Grosjean won both.

    As for F2, F3 etc they all just go by the number but how they feed in I don’t know from the top of my head.

    It can be very confusing but also these series can provide some great racing and it’s a lot of fun watching the drivers learning their skills. Also when you follow a driver through a feeder series and they get into F1 you feel some kind of attachment to them which is nice.


    Felipe Bomeny



    Formula Renault 3.5 Series (part of World Series by Renault)

    F3 (EuroCup, British, Japanese, Italian) OR Formula 2 OR GP3

    F3 (Germany, Spanish) OR Formula Renault 2.0 (UK, Euro, NEC)

    Formula Renault 2.0 (local championships), Formula 3 (local championships), F4,

    Formula Ford




    Didn’t GP2 and GP2 Asia merge recently?



    Yes; starting from 2012 it will just be one big GP2 family.

    What is complicating the matter further is that the “rungs” below F1 in this “hierarchy” are not alone. There are some levels with more than one category. WSR and GP2 are competitors and 1 level below F1. GP3 and F3 both feed into GP2/WSR.



    Thanks for the answers! It sure is a jungle of series, but now I’ve got a much better picture.


    Prisoner Monkeys

    It’s a little difficult to classify which series falls where. Going by this article, Red Bull and Renault will swear by the Formula Renault 3.5 series, though most people lean towards GP2 as being superior for drivers wanting to break into Formula 1.

    The hierachy is also complicated by some of the series that were created to be equals to others, but are actually less competitive. Formula 2 is very guilty of this; it was intended to rival GP2, but it’s filled with drivers who don’t stand a chance elsewhere and it arguably less competitive than GP3 and Formula 3 (mostly because F3 drivers who do well have a future).

    Overall, I’d say the structure looks like this:

    – Formula 1

    – GP2

    – Formula Renault 3.5

    – GP3/Formula 3

    – GP2 Asia

    – Formula Renault 2.0/Formula 2

    This is an estimation that takes into account how competitive I think each series actually is, rather than how competitive it was intended to be.



    There’s a good comparison of lap times over at F1-Forum:

    Just scroll the thread, you don’t have to understand Finnish to understand lap times :P

    In terms of competitivity (is that a a word? :F), F2 really lost out when it departed from WTCC and Eurosport TV deal. GP3 has been doing well, and with F3 struggling (F3 Euro Series was quite a good brand pre~2008) I can see it clearly becoming best of the “3rd level” series (F1 being #1 and GP2/WSBR3.5 #2).



    Thanks for all the answers! No I can sleep well again :-)



    I thought about making some kind of family tree including single seater series at all levels from all over the world.

    Then I realised it would be way too difficult.

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