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    I just though of this… I always thought I would have known what to say to Fernando when I saw him in person but, the truth of the matter is that while the moment I could have talked to him was too fast, I thought that at least I could´ve gotten 1 question in but I didn´t, I was frozen… I was so amazed to see him so up close (I did go to barcelona in 2011 but he did a private signing that year) that my brain was in shock… so in a nutshell, I was just wondering what would be the top 10 questions you would ask your favorite driver if you could and expect to receive a completely honest and candid response?

    here are my 10:

    1.- Do you still have the same motivation for racing as if you were a young child?
    2.- How does your family cope with not being to be with you as often as they would like?
    3.- Who do you think is hotter, Jlo or Scarlett Johanson? If neither, who is the hottest girl in your mind?
    4.- What´s your favorite food?
    5.- What is your favorite alcohoic beverage? (if any)
    6.- What would you like to tell Sebastian if the cameras weren´t on you all the time?
    7.- Who would be your ideal team mate?
    8.- Besides 2012, what has been the most satisfying season you have had, excluding your championship years?
    9.- Who is the driver you have most respect for and the least?
    10.- Would you honestly want to have another crack at being partnered to Lewis one more time?

    So go ahead guys, I just thought this could be entertaining and funny at the same time!

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