Saab’s bancruptcy leaves the cars in their museum up for sale!

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    Swedish Saab seems to come to an end after years of struggling under GM wings, then being bought by Spyker (remember them!) after Genii and Ecclestone also tried to buy them.

    It does mean that the cars in the museum might also be sold, possibly disappearing from view for ever.
    have a look at what really nice cars there are to have there in this link (I know, the article is in Czech, but just look at the picture and videos!)



    Although I don’t drive, I have always been impressed by Saab’s cars. It would be a shame if they disappeared completely. There are still rumours of them being taken over once again, though I don’t know how accurate they are as I haven’t been following their developments too closely.



    I liked Saab, especially the latest 9-5, and was quite looking forward to seeing what the 9-3 would look like. And the Saab Aero X was also great looking.



    When I saw this thread I immediately imagined dentists across the land reaching for their cheque books.

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