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    Tonight is the BBC Sports Personality of the Year awards and since there’s no F1 drivers in it this year I was wondering who everyone’s voting for. Being the patriotic little Manxman that I am I’ll be Voting for the Manx Missile Mark Cavendish. Who are you guys voting for tonight?

    Also who else reckons Vettel has a chance of getting the Overseas SPOTY, or Red Bull to get team of the year?



    I’m backing Phil Taylor for it, watched him constantly improve for over 10 years now and it’s about time his skills were acknowledged, 2 Nine-darters in a match…*Drools*

    I noticed AP McCoy is favourite to pick it up, which is strange since it took him 15 attempts to win the national and was involved in that fraud business.

    I think Red Bull should get an award but Vettel doesn’t deserve anything.



    Weakest field I can remember. In fact apart from 2006 the shortlist has been pretty strong (and 2006 had a few good names). I guess with the national football sqaud’s abject failure, no major athletics or rugby tournament, with the Ashes still going on and no Formula 1 champion the field was always going to be a bit thin on greatness. So I hope it’s Phil Taylor (that double 9-darter was amazing) but it’ll probably be Jessica Ennis or Tom Daley, Haye and Swann outside chances.



    McCoy from the start :L, Frank Williams had a well deserved award, and a nice showing of people to congratulate him.



    Not even a mention for Red Bull’s first ever constructors title or for and English man who lead the team and became the youngest ever winning Team Principal! Surely a mention for Christian Horner if not the win for Coach of the Year.

    Sir Frank’s award was the one moment they got it right.


    sbl on tour

    congrats to tony mccoy – “stand up for that ulsterman”

    obvious he was going to win

    didnt watch it due to last years debacle with giggs winning it

    watched top 100 toys on channel 4 – much better



    Overall, a poor field. Good to see Nadal win overseas at long last given that it went to Usain Bolt two years on the trot for pure physical build rather than skill….

    I thought that RBR were in for a shout for team of the year.

    I think that next year Hamilton will win though :-)

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